Scenes from today….

Just a little bit of my day through photos,

I love this...and want to paint a sign of my own with this exact message.

Took a break from painting today....

Today called for my Lands End rain jacket.

He sits in the front seat just like a person!


Xander waiting to come in after taking the boys to school.

Lookie what I bought myself....Won't this look lovely on a black sweater?

If you want one of these, you can go here to find it.

What’s in your desk drawer?

4 thoughts on “Scenes from today….

  1. Oh my, I just loved the look of your desk drawer. Mmm, maybe I should photograph some of my drawers in the studio sometimes. My workdesk doesn’t have any, but I have plenty of other drawers to choose from. Great idea!

  2. Beautiful Photos – Love the everyday life photos – aka the dog, the school bus, the desk drawer … I had taken a photo of my desk drawer for my blog awhile ago … My pic had masking tape, scissors, and rolls of Kashi designing tape … So many things to capture in our daily routines – Love your captured shots!

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