About Me

 I’m a city girl, a middle aged mother of 5, a wife, a grandma, a painter/artist, cloth doll designer, writer, dog lover, an eternal optimist and as a whole, a pretty darn happy gal.

I love romantic comedies,  documentaries, Grimm, The Librians, Warehouse 13,  House, Project Runway, Sex and the City reruns, The Office (USA) and Game of Thrones. 

I believe in God, ghosts, love, kindness, laughing until my stomach hurts, quiet time, a good book,  a delicious cup of coffee, bitch fests girl-friendships, walking the dog, cats,  and most of  everything my husband tells me.

The simple things in life make me most happy-taking walks in the woods with my golden retriever,  making art, especially collage and painting.  I am a bit of a well known doll maker (Hootin Annies), having designed for a few magazines and have a pattern line that many quilt shops all over the country stock.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of what my life might be like in another 5 years.  I am thinking it would be quite lovely to own a few ten acres with a vintage farmhouse  and some outbuildings where I can create an art studio and have a barn where I can keep the three donkeys that I’m longing for. 

If you are looking for me, you’ll most likely find me in at my art studio, sipping delicious coffee while engrossed in some therapeutic art making, or leading a group step by step through a painting.

  My most favorite luxury is my garage door opener.


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. well I have’nt seen you in over thirty years except pics on the internet (if that counts). if and when we meet again, you’ve always been in my heart. I can never forget thoughs pretty blue eye’s and that ever lasting smile. as a wiseman once said “follow your dream” “dreams come true”


  2. I LOVE that you say exactly what is on your mind! It is very refreshing. Love your art too! So nice to meet another like-minded creative spirit! I hope to meet you one day in ‘real life” ! until then see you here on the WWW 🙂 xokp


    1. Thank you Kristen! I’m so happy you stopped by! Is this Kristen Powers, my friend on Facebook?

      Where are you located in the US? I’m in Chicago……would love to get together with like minded artists, too.


  3. Like your pic here. I like that you’re creative like me. Although I do not paint on canvas, I do sweatshirt painting, calligraphy, needlepoint and I can crochet. I love kids crafts too. I’m making a big wreath for Christmas with boughs from Home Depot, leftovers from trees. I’m baking peanut butter cookies, making homemade cocoa in bags for friends and making tons of fudge. Having a cookie exchange with 6 friends and making raisin/cashew chocolate clusters. In between I’m doing the “santa job”. I LOVE Christmas!!


  4. Hi, I stumbled across your blog as a “recommended for you”. I have just been reading a few of your posts and thought i’d just say that I have found them enjoyable to read. I love the honesty and quirkiness (thats a good thing in my book, I don’t particularly like normal) of your about me. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Have a great day!



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