Feeling content after a long absence

Yesterday a wave of happiness and contentedness washed over me.  I have been feeling better about things in my life in general and I feel the tide of change’s gentle click.

I’ve been painting more in the last month and it feels really good.  I’m not turning out anything spectacular, but what is happening is the process is stirring something inside of me.  Just having the ability to dip my hands in paint and then to canvas has churned a new bliss in me.  I also intend on having a very artful 2012.  In the next year I plan on attending a few art retreats and focusing on learning some teaching techniques to become a painting instructor-or at least that is my ultimate goal from all of this.  The teaching part may not happen till much later, because let’s face it-I have a lot to learn and gather about the process, in addition to learning how to work with other people who will have needs and emotions brought forth from the act of painting.  It’s all so very therapeutic.  And spiritual.  I can’t wait to see where it leads me.  In addition to attending some workshops/retreats, I am making a personal goal to complete 100 paintings by the end of 2012.  This is something that is essential to accomplishing my overall goals in art.

I painted a little sign for my studio and I’m putting it in a place where I can read it all the time.  It’s just what I need to see.

Not only is my happiness quotient going up, but I have been changing my eating habits to healthier, more whole foods and I try to avoid processed stuff as much as possible.  I have lost 12lbs since May and although I have a whole lot more to lose, I’m not stressing about it because I will lose it.  I’m confident.  It will be slow but steady and with knowledge and a little activity I know I can do it.   I am reading this book which is helping me educate myself in the ways of cooking and eating healthy.

The way I see it, if I have good, healthy food and a means of creativity and self expression, I can go anywhere.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 thoughts on “Feeling content after a long absence”

  1. I’m glad you are feeling more content and eating more healthy. It’s amazing how food affects all aspects of our life. I’ve been in the process of making those same changes myself over the past few months. Have shed a few pounds and feeling somewhat better except for my thyroid problems. I hope you continue to share your progress with your art Emily!
    All the best to you in your goals for creating and living!
    Cathy G
    ( that book sounds like a very good investment….. think I shall have to seriously consider it! Thanks for your review!


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