Art-ing in a ‘Large’ way

I started this painting as a commission, but it didn’t turn out as planned, so I went a different direction and created this abstract, nebulous work of color.  It’s got some really interesting detail.  The size of this painting is a whopping 4′ X 5′.  It would be perfect over a sofa on a large, open wall.  This painting is available on Etsy by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Art-ing in a ‘Large’ way”

  1. Hi Em. I love the luscious layers and swirling colors. This painting starts out looking whimsical but sort of finishes off looking very thoughtful and almost intense. Lots to look at here. Your work is evolving in a very interesting way.


    1. Thank you Teri. You are always so kind and analytical. I appreciate that! How are you, my NYC friend?



  2. Love the soft, swishing of light colors. It reminds me of waves, splashing in the ocean. If I had a place for it and the money, I would buy it. You should be proud of this one!


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