This week’s Thimble List

I’m going to try to make creating a Thimble List a weekly thing here at the blog.  I hope you will too.  If you aren’t familiar with a Thimble List, I blogged about it here.

Simple things to do this week that make me happy….

1.  Ride my bicycle almost every day.

2. Fit art/painting into my schedule just for practice.

3. Try some new recipes for healthy, low calorie meals

4.  Visit the library and find some great books.

5.  Start reading a new novel.

6.  Shop at Trader Joe’s for some good organic food.

7.  Spend time with a couple girlfriends for good conversation, laughter and togetherness.

What’s on your thimble list for this week?  If you don’t have one, I suggest you consider writing one…it’s good to make lists!

9 thoughts on “This week’s Thimble List”

  1. I love reading your thimble lists….I should do the same!
    Have you heard of “green monsters”? They are healthy shakes that incorporate organic spinach into them…..supposedly the fruit tastes mask the spinach…..I’m going to get up the nerve to try one this week….just need to shop. Are you game?


    1. Ew….I’m not sure Tammy…lol….did you get that recipe out of Gorgeously Green on a Diet? I was reading that book today and she had some organic-y stuff in there you can whip up. I think I’ll let you taste it and let me know…how’s that sound? But thats a great thing to put on YOUR Thimble List, lol…


  2. Hi Emily – I love “The Thimble List” idea … Here is a quick rundown for this week …
    1) Draw & Doodle – Have Fun
    2) Read more of Creative is a Verb by Patti Digh
    3) Write Poetry
    4) Pick out my dream camera & print it out for my vision collage
    5) Enjoy some Tuscan Pasta Salad
    6) Blog as much as I can
    7) Reach out to more “Creative People”
    8) Tell everyone “My Good News” (More on this tomorrow …)
    9) Enjoy the last month of Summer
    10) Remain Creative
    This was fun!
    Thanks, Emily!


    1. Those sound like fun ones Kristine! I have to start my list for this week. Are you in Effy’s Studio? I’m thinking that’s where I ‘met’ you….becaus she’s doing a Creative is a Verb online free class.

      I like the sound of that Tuscan salad!



  3. Only found out about thimble lists today at a Kikki.K happiness workshop. I really like the concept and I am starting my list today.
    1 Walk my dog
    2 Hug my husband and daughter
    3 Cuddle my dog
    4 Drink a cup of tea
    5 Sit down and read a book
    6 Eat a piece of nice fresh Salmon
    7 Start a record of my happiness practice in my new bought journal from Kikki K
    8 Write in the journal with my new colourful felt tip pens
    9 Draw and doodle


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