This week’s Thimble List

I’m going to try to make creating a Thimble List a weekly thing here at the blog.  I hope you will too.  If you aren’t familiar with a Thimble List, I blogged about it here.

Simple things to do this week that make me happy….

1.  Ride my bicycle almost every day.

2. Fit art/painting into my schedule just for practice.

3. Try some new recipes for healthy, low calorie meals

4.  Visit the library and find some great books.

5.  Start reading a new novel.

6.  Shop at Trader Joe’s for some good organic food.

7.  Spend time with a couple girlfriends for good conversation, laughter and togetherness.

What’s on your thimble list for this week?  If you don’t have one, I suggest you consider writing one…it’s good to make lists!


The simple and obtainable Thimble List

Last week I was reading Jennifer Louden’s blog where she mentioned the ‘Thimble List’, an interesting concept she seems to have developed.  According to Jennifer, a thimble list is different from the popular ‘bucket list’ in that items on a thimble list are obtainable, usually simple pleasures and generally involve easy ways to enjoy life to it’s fullest.  Your Thimble List can change weekly-that’s the fun.  Items on a Bucket List usually contains larger, more adventurous things to achieve before a person dies.  The items on these lists usually take a lot more effort and money in order to accomplish them.

I agree with Jennifer in that I’m not now, and never really have been, the adventurous type.  What I really need in my life is more moments of peace and solitude and creativity,  and all the little things that bring me joy.  I agree it’s important to savor those little things in life that sometimes get overlooked and taken for granted.  I sat down this evening and put together my own little Thimble List of simple pleasures.  Feel free to write one of your own.  And be sure to let me know the enjoyable, memorable  things in life that you savor.

Emily’s Thimble List

1.  On these blisteringly hot 90+ degree days, I am so grateful and mindful of how fortunate I am to have air conditioning.  Being cool and comfortable is something I’m most grateful for.

2.  I intend to cozy up in a bed with freshly laundered sheets, just not quite so tired.  I want to curl up with a really good book and read till I fall asleep.

2.  I’m one of those people who drink coffee at midnight-anytime of day is the perfect time for a fresh pot of delicious coffee.  Coffee with sweet creamers is one of my top ten favorite things.

3.  Make time to hug my dog and look right into those soulful eyes, being mindful of how lucky I am to have such a sweet animal to co-habit with.  He brings me such joy.

4.  Take after dinner walks with Xander just as the sun is going down and catching little glimpses of the summer Fireflies, the scent of gardens as I pass by and watching the simple joys my dog experiences as he is running along side me.

5.  Enjoy a hot stack of homemade, aromatic blueberry pancakes.  (With fresh coffee).  Heaven.  And good for you, too!

8.  I can’t wait to revel in the laughter and warmth of my longtime girlfriends when we meet this Friday.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen eachother and I’m sure there will be so much to talk about, and some tears, too.

9.  I intend to take in the quiet of the house and try to think clearly-no interruptions.

10.  I hope to enjoy a leisurely game of Rook with my family, sharing snacks and laughter for an hour or so as often as I can.

It’s your turn….what will be on your list?

Except for taking a trip to Paris someday, I could probably die a happy gal if I don’t manage to accomplish everything on my ‘bucket list’ (under the tab above called ‘In this Life’, if you’re interested).  It’s good to aspire to more difficult things and to hope to see far away places.  Just don’t loose sight of what’s really important-the simple things in life that comprise daily life.  Live your life to it’s fullest.