Scandalous women-hearts for Valentine’s day

Lately I’ve been quite taken with ‘vintage women’- famous artists, authors and characters from novels I read.  I particularily love scandalous women because they are just more fun.   I was inspired to make these lovely hearts and decided to grace each one with a photo of one of my favorite ladies.  They can be for Valentine’s day or any occasion, because we all know that love is a part of each and every day.

This heart is one of my favorites, it’s the Sarah Bernhardt heart for all the drama queens in your life.  I made the Daphne Du Maurier heart for a friend of mine for Christmas who loves the novel Rebecca.  If you’d like one they are $22 with shipping, and you can email me, or purchase one at my etsy shop.

Daphne Du Maurier, author of REBECCA

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