“They Came One Night”….Documenting an Orb Sighting

Years ago, when I was around 17, I witnessed what I now believe to be a spectactular thing.  One night after I went to bed and shut off the lights, I saw, hovering above my bed several orbs, going around in a small circle.  It scared the hell out of me.  At first I thought it might be headlights, but my room was situated in a way that it wasn’t possible for that to happen, and I had never seen anything like that before (and I had many years previous in that room).  Then I thought for a second it might be my mom walking around at night with a flashlight.  (The next morning I asked her if she was walking around with a flashlight and she said no, she was asleep).  I closed my eyes in fear hoping they would go away, only to open them and see them continuing in that small orbit over my bed.  Then, scared to death, I pulled the covers over my head hoping they would go away, but no such luck….after a few seconds of hiding, I peeked out and saw them.  They were still there.  I didn’t know what to think.  I imagined these might be angels and maybe it was my time to die.  Were they here to take me to heaven?  Maybe they were ghosts.  I understood that the previous owner had died in the room that had been mine. 

It was a long time ago and I think I  just ducked back under the covers and eventually fell asleep.  To this day I don’t know what they were, or why they were there.  Did they serve some purpose?    I talked to a lady recently who is very spiritual and she told me she thinks those orbs were my ‘spirit guides.’  I’m not sure what spirit guides are, or why we have them or even if they were mine at all. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about that evening 30 years ago.  I still wonder why they came to me-and in a funny way, I feel honored.  I chose to depict my memory of that evening in the form of a painting.  The girl in the bed is me as a young girl, lying there frightened, with the covers pulled up high, transfixed at the sight of glowing orbs hovering in a circle above my bed.  

If you have had a similiar experience or have an idea of what these orbs were and why they might have come to me please leave me a comment.  I have been going over that night in my mind often, still seeking an answer.  Maybe some day I will find out.

9 thoughts on ““They Came One Night”….Documenting an Orb Sighting”

  1. I love your story Emily , I have never had anything like that happen to me before you are lucky . Beautiful painting , you are very talented. Donna


  2. No idea, unless you were perhaps dreaming while awake – I used to do that sometimes. I remember a dream ‘sliding down’ the cupboard in broad daylight, it looked like dissolving oil and was very weird. If they were smaller, I’d have said they might’ve been a migraine aura (the visual element of a migraine can occur without a headache). Or maybe something, as you suspect, that’s not of our knowledge. Who can tell. Fascinating though. Maybe one day you’ll find out.


  3. Hi Emily Jane, I saw your comment on Val’s blog post and, because I named the daughter I miscarried Emily Jane, I came over to your blog to see what it was like. 🙂 I love your artwork!!!

    I’m mystified by orbs, too… There’s a book called “The Orb Project,” by Klaus Heinemann & Miceal Ledwith, that you might find interesting. One author approaches the phenomena from a scientific point of view, the other from a spiritual perspective. I though it was well-balanced.

    Have you ever taken photographs and found orbs in your pictures? This has happened to me three times, and once our niece took a picture of my husband and me, and it had a couple of orbs in it, too. For now I’m looking at them as gifts from the universe, reassuring me that there are still wonders left for us to discover!

    If you go to my site (By the Sea) and watch the slideshow there is a picture I got with beautiful orbs in it. I think it’s the 15th picture… And if you search “orbs” you will be linked to two posts that also have orb pictures.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts and enjoying your creativity!


  4. Hi Emily,

    After reading this post I got the goose bumps. I never experienced nothing like this, but while visiting Charleston last year I took many photographs and one of the photos had orbs with faces in them. About four or five orbs located in different parts of the building behind these huge glass windows.

    I’ll try to locate the photo, if I find it I’ll email it to you!

    Interesting experience, Very Nice painting



  5. Hi Emily. Welcome to the Artist Blog Hop.
    I don’t know anything about orbs but I have had times when I have felt a ‘presence’ with me while I am in bed – I believe the Holy Spirit was there. I am a firm believer that we all have angels looking out for us, God loves His children. A long time ago when my Father passed away I got very depressed after I had my firstborn son, nothing would console me. One night I asked my hubby to sleep on the couch because I felt prompted by the Lord to sleep alone. Around 5am I was woken up by the Holy Spirit, I could feel some sort of tickling goosebump sensation over my entire body. I wasn’t afraid at all. I lay still with my eyes open until it passed. When it did an armchair appeared beside my bed, then my Dad was sitting on the chair. Then all my memories of my firstborn son (the pregnancy, the birth, every experience and memory shared) started to flow from my head to my Dad’s, my Dad smiled. I knew from that moment on that I needn’t be depressed that my Dad would not know my children.
    I believe God loves us enough to help us deal with things in life that are hard or too difficult for us to deal with. Maybe God was just watching over you when this happened to you.
    I hope this helps.
    Hugs and many blessings


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me this very interesting comment. I am so intrigued by your experience seeing your father. I really wish I could see my father again. He’s been gone since 1982. How absolutely reassuring it must be for you to see him…it’s almost like a guarantee before your eyes that there is something truly to look forward to after we leave this earth. I know those of us who have belief in God believe in heaven, but to see something like that is like like getting definitive proof.
      I know I was not sleeping when I saw these orbs. I am hoping whatever spirit force it was is still with me on my daily journey. There are times when I feel truly blessed and special and maybe these metaphysical friends are who I have to thank for that. Of course, God first and foremost.

      I hope to see you again soon…and I will check out your blog, too…I already peeked but I will go back to indulge myself a bit later on. I wanted to write you back and thank you for your visit.



  6. Hi Emily
    I love the painting, you are very gifted. Re. orbs, I believe they exsist and may be spirits, angels or similar. I have a photograph of my dog on the morning he was due to be put to sleep (he was very ill with Lymphatic Leukaemia). He was outside walking down the garden steps when I took the last photograph. A week later when the photos were developed this photo showed many orbs surrounding my dog.
    Thank you for sharing your experience



    1. Hi Chrissy…I think that is very interesting what you say about the orbs in the photo of your dog just prior to being put down. I do believe in spirits and angels and I also believe animals who are loved do have some spiritual guides or something. I’d love to see that photo of your dog. Can you send me it so I can see it? citygirl.em@gmail.com

      thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you’ll visit again soon.



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