Be Still…my newest collage painting

Did you ever wish to have a birdie on your shoulder?  If you did, you would have to be very still as to not scare him away.   

This is my newest painting, done today.  I don’t know where these women come from, but they are all inside me, eventually making their way onto canvas.  I can’t help but think she’s a very conservative gal.  Thank you Emily Gooch for the little push.  I needed that. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Be Still…my newest collage painting”

  1. It makes me happy to know I was able to help. I’m so glad to see you paint again. This is beautifully done Em. She may seem conservative but something about her eyes tell me she is anything but. 😉


  2. I love seeing your media as much as your painting!
    I’ve never been able to do this sort of collage/painting work, but love looking at it when it’s done well – as yours is.

    I hope you’re going to keep blogging here occasionally.


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