100 Random (and not so random) Things About Me.


I am splitting this into two days worth-50% today and the rest tomorrow.

1.  I have a fairly large group of friends who’ve been around since grammer school days.

2.  At this point in my life (47), I feel like I’m 18 again in that I’m still trying to find myself.

3.  I seem to attract people who talk a lot.

4  I think this may be because I  am a better listener than a conversational contributor.

5.  I am a bit self-conscious at times when someone ‘yields the floor’ to me.

6.   One of my negative traits is I have a tendency to tell people how to live their lives and am a bit put off  if they don’t take my advise.

7.  I need to stop doing this, sometimes my mouth gets me in hot water.  But, I’m getting much better.  Most of the time I resist the urge all together to say things I shouldn’t.

8.  My husband calls me a ‘Rabble Rouser’.  Probably because I’m always putting in my two cents.

9.  I tend to be overly sensitive (at times) and don’t take criticism very well unless it’s something I really don’t care about.

10.  I am a thin, svelt woman housed in a plus sized body.  How did that happen?

11.  Considering how thin I feel, I’m amazed to see a large woman staring back at me in photographs or the in mirror.

12.  While driving, I’m constantly looking in the rear view mirror checking my hairline for grey hairs.  I’m hoping they’ll be white.  Everytime I check, there’s more and more of them.

13.  I don’t have dainty lady feet.  I was blessed with extra large size 11 wide complete with two hammer toes.  Not fair.

14.  I enjoy doing laundry, especially if I can catch the washer on the rinse cycle so I can quickly add the fabric softner.  I love the smell of clothes rinsed in Downy.

15.  I’m not so good, however at putting the laundry away after its folded.  I don’t like that part.

16.  I love shopping at Trader Joes.  There is just something about that store that makes my heart so happy I equate it with the satisfying  feeling of having an adequately stocked pantry.

17.  My favorite articles of clothing are my cropped black yoga pants.  I live in them.  Besides, they show off my skinny ankles, lol.

18.  I love white Keds, but they’re not as cute on me because my feet are too big.

19.  I used to be a spontaneous person.  Middle age has changed all that. 

20.  Now I must  have a daily routine and have adequate warning of upcoming, unexpected events.

21.  I am more aware of my faults as I age and am more willing to analyze them and work on changing them.

22.  I very much would love to get a tattoo. 

23.  What’s holding me back is the fear of the pain.  I suppose I’m a big baby.

24.  I believe in God and keep a prayer journal.  I believe He works on me via the things I write to Him.

25.  I can go for weeks at a time and not write in my prayer journal.  Me bad.

26.  If there’s something I want, I can usually think of a way to get it.

27.  I’m outstanding at improvising a tool. 

28.  I have a penchant for black umbrellas.

29.  I absolutely hate when my socks get wet or when I accidentally stand on a wet rug or wet towel in bare feet.

30.  I snore-bad.

31.   I seriously, absolutely love and adore my golden retriever.

32.  My soul has always ‘pulled’ me toward New England.  To just think of the east coast makes my heart have a yearning for it.

33.  I must have lived on the east coast  in a past life.  Maybe I was a whaler’s daughter. 

34.  I have a terrible aversion to having my neck squeezed or seeing someone in a horror movie get their neck slit.  I must have died of a neck injury in that past life. 

35.  I really loved the book Jane Eyre.

36.  I think Mr. Rochester was sexy.

37.  I wish I were as wise and put together as Elizabeth Gilbert.

38.  I hate my chin-or should I say ‘chins’.  I need a longer neck..(don’t get any ideas, see # 34)

39.  I like to stay home.

40.  I’ve come to realize going out is more effort than its worth.

41.  I don’t have agoraphobia. 

42.  I’m just lazy.

43.  I hate the thought of exercising, but after I do I’m so happy. 

44.  I love avacados.  Absolutely. Love. Them.

45.  Red is my favorite color.

46.  I have been sleeping in a water bed for the last 20 years. 

47.  I am bored of it and want an old fashioned, overpriced pillowtop mattress.

48.  I love coffee.

49. I love blueberries, but hate blueberry pie.

50.  I hate cherries.

2 thoughts on “100 Random (and not so random) Things About Me.”

  1. If I was to write you a fortune cookie fortune, it would say:
    You are a fabulous and fascinating creative and intelligent person. You are probably a wonderful friend and have a warm, sensitive heart.
    Well, so far. Let’s see what the other 50 things are…..


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