50 more things about me (a continuation)

Just for fun I included hyperlinks to Youtube for certain things…hop over and enjoy.

51.  I want to be a successful artist some day, earning enough from the sale of my art to support myself and my family.

52.  My very favorite scene from a movie is the finale of  Dirty Dancing.   I get goosebumps every time and my heart never ceases to skip a beat when I see them together.  I just love the way Patrick Swayze looks at her when he holds her…absolute sweetness.  Time of My Life is one of my all time favorite songs, probably because I think of this scene.

53. Currently, I’m slightly obsessed with ‘Grey Gardens’ (thank you Rhonda for that one, lol).  Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you if I tried.

54.  One of the things I love the most about my house is the lovely towering weeping willow in my back yard.  The black birds love to sit in the top branches….its such a sight.

55.  I think the Tibetan Fox is so enchanting and has the sweetest face.  He is my next favorite animal after dogs, cats and birds.  “But why the square head?”

56.  New York City is one of my favorite places in the world. 

57.  My favorite NYC neighborhood is Murray Hill.

58.  If I had endless amounts of cash, I’d rent or buy an apartment and live there part time with my daughter. 

59.  I think the country is nice, but the city is where it’s at.

60.  The older I get, the more I’d rather be the guest  than the hostess.

61.  I spend a great deal of my idle time reading, whether it be a book, magazine, computer printout or webpage.  I love reading and finding things out.

62.  I love finding people from my past on Facebook. 

63.  One of my favorite smells is that of a fresh, dry, Lipton Tea bag.

64.  When I was 17 or 18, I used to baby sit for a Chicago cop named Ralph and  his wife.  The children were his wife’s from her first marriage. Ralph used to drive me home at night when I was done babysitting.  He always used to try to seduce me in his little car on the way home.  He never succeeded with me but five or six years later after I was married, I saw his mugshot on the 10 O’Clock News.  He he had been arrested for sexual molestation.  Geeze, what a surprise.  Freak.

65.  I wish my name was Charlotte.

66.  I absolutely love the show Sex and the City.  My favorite scene is this one.  Well, maybe this one, too.

67. I met Chris Noth (Mr. Big) at his bar in  NYC.

68.  He was a total ASS towards me.

69.  He sent me a hand written letter of apology.

70.  I forgave him, lol.

71. Regardless, I still think he’s the most absolute delicious flavor of MANCAKE.

72.  I’m terrified of high heights.

73.  Swimming in a lake doesn’t thrill me.

74.  Swimming in the ocean scares the hell out of me.

75.  I love to hang out with my girlfriends.

76.  A friend who shares my love of art and sewing makes my heart happiest.

77.  I have 5 kids-each was planned, not a surprise.

78.  I’m a little nervous about getting older and aging.  I want to keep  youthful in all aspects of my life.  I’m gonna be a hip old crone.

79.  I have a small collection of white ironstone pitchers.

80.  I love the farmhouse/cottage look.

81.  I’d rather have an old farmhouse than a new house that lacks character.  I could so live here.

82.  I prefer the ocean to mountains.

83.  One of the coolest things I ever witnessed was the Balloon Fiesta held in Albuquerque, NM.  Talk about colorful and spectaculiar!

84.  I’d love to go back to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Massassachusets and do gravestone rubbings of all the famous/historical graves.

85.  Romantic comedies are my movie of choice.  I also love movies like Sense and Sensibility-Historical movies.

86.  I love Ugly Betty and Will & Grace.  Mark and Jack (two hilarious gay guys) my favorites,  keep me in stitches.

87.  I don’t need fancy stuff to be happy.

88.  I just want to live simply, but don’t you take away my central air conditioning.

89.  My caloric weakness’ are:  Coffee creamers, bread and butter and (sometimes) sweets.  Well, rice pudding!

90.  I get creepy vibes when I go to antique shops.  It feels like I pick up bad vibes from the spirits of the people who used to own all that junk.

91.  I’d love to go to England for a month and just blend in with the locals, going to tag/ rummage sales and flea markets in search of authentic souvineers.

92.  I’d also love to go to Paris for an extended period of time and take art classes there.

93.  I’d love to learn how to make handmade paper and  use it in my collage.  I made paper once at a museum and was fascinated by it.

94.  I think State Parks are boring.  Yawn.

95.  I hate camping.

96.  I’m not particularily attached to any objects except I really like my metal cake stand that I found after I saw it in Country Home Magazine in a feature spread on Carrie Raphael.  I researched it and hunted it down and found it!

THAT is my cake stand.

97.  The last book I read that deeply moved me was Eat Pray Love

98.  Speaking in front of an audience makes me so nervous, I lose my train of thought and my mind goes blank…I can’t handle it.

99.  No matter what I do or how successful I get I always think I’m somehow not good enough.

100.  I love to play Rook and Pinnochle.  Trumps rule!

5 thoughts on “50 more things about me (a continuation)”

  1. I just won an ebay auction for a copy of the SATC DVD set – cannot WAIT for it to get here!!

    You like the cottage look but antiques creep you out. I totally get that – old houses make me feel that way. Do you have antiques in your house?


    1. I only have a few, some belonged to my husband’s grandparents and I do own a very antique dressform I named Lydia. I bought her in Ohio and the shop she came from gave me major vibes. Weird.


  2. i feel a little stupid for asking, but DID he really write an apology??? or are you kidding on that one.
    yes, NYC is so great!
    not sure i could live there tho- too fast for me.


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