Some lucky finds to guide me

I am so delighted!  I just happened upon Craigslist the other night and I found this easel.  It is a vintage French easel and it’s in perfect shape.  What is nice about it is it folds up to become a carrying box that will hold painting supplies, too-perfect for travel. 

The guy was also selling left over things from a past rummage sale, and I spotted this framed pastel drawing, so I had to have it for $10.

This inspires me to crank my butt in gear and start painting.  As my son Dave says, “Get goin’ on it mom!”

7 thoughts on “Some lucky finds to guide me”

  1. I love it! That is a great find. Get to the painting! I bet you’ll be fabulous at it. 🙂 Oh and Luis said to tell you husband and boys “Let’s go Hawks!” (he hates the Flyers lol)


  2. What great finds! I’ve been addicted to craigslist lately….have been selling more than buying, but it’s such a treasure trove and especially to know that you can just drive on over and get the stuff and not have to wait to get it in the mail….love it…..REALLY love the picture you got!


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