Prayer Journaling

Just over the last 3 weeks or so I started to write down my prayers instead of say them.  I borrowed this idea from a book I read several months ago entitled, “The Help.”  In the book, the main character Abileen writes down her prayers.  This is something she began as a kid and it had carried on into adulthood.  In the story, everyone Abileen knew asked her to pray for them because it was a known fact that most, if not all of her prayers got answered.  It was as if God heard Abileen’s prayers clearer in some way, almost as though she had a direct route to Him via her notebook. 

Where ever you are, write it down.

Now that I started writing down my prayers, I can’t stop. It makes me feel solid in some way.  I’ve come to enjoy documenting what I talk to God about and what I pray for.  ‘Prayer Journaling’ is what I’m calling it and it is very cathartic.   Whenever I have something that’s knawing at me or worrying me I give it to God with a few strokes of my pen.

Just like Abileen in “The Help,” I too, seem to be receiving some divine answers in response to my writings.  It is moving and wonderful.  The ‘answers’ encourage me to continue on.  The time I spend writing is my special time with God- I’m doing an activity with him and I love it.  I  enjoy the process of writing in general  and this is just another way for me to express myself.  Here is a little something to read on the value of writing journals.

Interested in Prayer Journaling yourself?  Well then, I encourage you to give it a try.  You can start out  simple (a cheap spiral notebook) or as fancy (Moleskein ruled journals)  as you like.  Tuck it away somewhere no one will find it  and refer to it during the day if you need to.  Sometimes something happens in the middle of the day and I don’t want to wait till night time to write it down.  Instead, I pull out my journal and give it to him right then and there.

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve only missed a few days of writing down my prayers.  I’ve already written halfway through my first journal.  I look forward to soon filling up the last page, tucking it away on my shelf for safe keeping and opening up a fresh, new  journal and beginning the whole process again. 

Don’t really believe in God?  You don’t necessarily have to be religious keep a prayer journal- just write down your thoughts, worries and feelings to something higher than you, whatever  that maybe.   Just write it down and let it go. 

Keep a prayer journal and a gratitude journal in the same book.

One more thing I add at the end of each ‘entry’ is a ‘Gratitude Page’.  I write ‘Gratitudes for [the date]’ and list 5 or 6 things from that day that pleased me, or I that I was grateful for.  If there are days that not much happens, or it is a bad day, I still write a gratitude page-but I’m more  thankful for general things like my health, my kids, the dog, yada.  I just try to be mindful of all I have and to be grateful every day.  Try it, it will make such a difference to your life.

The delightful thing about a prayer journal is it doesn’t have to be all prayers. You can write down your feelings, ideas and hopes.  Just talk, let it all out.  If you feel you need forgiveness for something, ask through your pen.  Write it down and let it go.  If you travel, tuck it in your bag and take it with you.  I guarantee  you will feel so much better if you decide to do some prayer journaling yourself.  I used to say prayers at night when I went to bed, but I had a penchant for falling asleep mid-prayer.  Now I write.  And I think God really likes it.

If you want to fancy up one of those common black and white composition books and turn it into an attractive prayer journal, check here for how to make one.

4 thoughts on “Prayer Journaling”

  1. Happy Spring ((Em)))
    I am so happy youre finding & feeling such joy on your new prayer journey…miracles happen..life happens…grace happens…doesnt it?
    Keep shining your light…its so bright& beautiful! I believe & was meant to be used as a vessel to guide others…I know I often seek my light by seeing yours. Thank you my friend.


  2. I too have a prayer journal. I haven’t been using it much lately and I need to. Writing in it has a calming effect on me and I instantly relax as soon as I put my prayers, thoughts, joys down on paper.

    I just finished The Help and found it to be a wonderful book.


  3. Moleskin has excellent journals. I know several people who use them. 🙂

    I occasionally journal my prayers, but when I do, I find it so comforting. I communicate best through writing, and it’s like writing a focused letter to God — much like praying aloud. 🙂


  4. I too write my prayers! I did it mostly out of desperation, because my non-napping kids kept disturbing my prayer time. Writing them down helped me pick up where I left off after I fixed a snack/wiped a nose/cleaned a spill/broke up a fight. I love being able to flip back through years worth of journals and see God’s provision. By the way, I’d like to use your photograph – it’s really beautiful. I’ll be sure to link back to your blog 😉


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