What’s with the umbrellas?

     If you know me well, you are aware of the fact I can’t stay with something very long (marriage, now that’s different!).  I’m a changer…I am always looking for new ways to make things around my house different, whether it be the postion of the sofas, the pictures on the wall or items to display.  I don’t like things to stay the same. Part of the reason is I see so much I like, I couldn’t possibly stick with just one thing.  Impossible!

Romance under an umbrella

      I know a couple who have been married since 1962 and they still have 98% of all the original stuff they picked out when they got their first house.  They just recently bought new sofas, but that was after 45 years of sitting on the originals.  Oh, my goodness, I couldn’t be like that.  I get bored too easily.  So, if you’ve been here before you know just what I’m getting at.  Things around here are once again a bit different.  My blog name ( changed two times in the last two days) and my banner are different.  Thank goodness I can’t add a background because that would probably be new, too.  This is all in an effort to keep things interesting here. 

     I have this attraction to umbrellas.  I don’t know why.  A friend once brought it to my attention that I have several framed pictures  in my house that feature umbrellas, and some in the most subtle of ways.  I never noticed it, not to mention have I drawn a correlation as to why I was collecting them.  I got to thinking about umbrellas.  Why do I like them?  Is it possible there is some subconscious reason why I am partial to them?  After giving it some thought, I deduced that maybe it has something to do with shelter from the storm;  Or the potential for romance that can be shared under an umbrella.  An umbrella offers privacy-a  covert conversation between two can be held under one, the umbrella acting as a partition between the people below and the rest of the world.  Umbrellas  keep us dry and make it possible for us to explore the world when it’s wet or too sunny to venture out otherwise.   Maybe umbrellas are ‘enablers’- whatever they signify, I thought I’d pull a few from my subconscious and plop them right up top and as a blog mascot. 

I hope you will visit often and share my umbrella with me.  You will probably find out some of my secrets, what inspires me or what I’m dreaming of at the moment.  You never know what you’ll chance upon under my black umbrella.

Walking through Paris on a rainy day.

5 thoughts on “What’s with the umbrellas?”

  1. Oh (((Em))) I LIKE your new name, your new blog & thoughts on the intimacies umbrellas can provide…not to mention some have pretty funkadelic colors & patterns that I know probably attract you too…Now if I could just find you a pattern with little Chris Noths on them…ooooh la la!
    Hope to see you on my FB page…I too have some VERY exciting news…Loves ya (((Kat♥)))xoxox


  2. Hello Sweetie, I love the new, scrumptiously clean layout and more than that the idea of gathering under your umbrella to hear your news is downright fabulous: clever you!
    Hope you are well.x


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