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The need for a personal retreat

I joined Kathryn Antyr’s online class Personal Retreats over at her True North Arts Workshops.  I feel like this is something I really need.  I’ve been feeling the cumulative affects of stress brought on by a strained relationship (not doomed, just very strained and stressful-sometimes on a daily basis) and I’m seeking out a method in which I can create some moments of solitude, serenity and a bit of simplicity a few times a week.  

Kathryn suggests first of all we set up a little altar or ‘sacred space’ consisting of objects which remind us of relaxation and spirituality, or anything else which brings us closer to the feelings we hope to achieve through our personal retreat.  I set up a sacrecd space on my art table where I can see it every day.  It’s in my bedroom, a place that’s warm and cozy and just happens to be my creative space.   I kept it simple and chose a few smooth small stones from the shore of Lake Superior, my buddha, a few candles, my Eiffel Tower and a photo of my dog.  These items bring me to a calm state of mind when I look at them. 

I’ve given a bit of thought to  my objectives for having a personal retreat.  My goal is to carve out a few hours a week where I can spend some time doing an art journal and give attention to my thoughts an listen to my soul.  I seriously need quiet time and to just breathe, but not to breathe in the sense of inhaling and exhaling.  For me, breathing has more to do with having time away to myself where I don’t have to answer to anyone or meet anyone’s needs except for my own.  For the short time I allow, I want to focus on me.  I don’t believe I’m being selfish.  I realize that every woman needs to nurture herself  first before she can go on and adequately nurture others.   

If you, too, are feeling stressed, and need time away, you don’t have to leave your home to find some peace.  Just carve out a space for yourself and allow it to happen. 

Today, my husband was gone all day at a meeting.  The house was peaceful and quiet.  I played Ray LaMontagne softly and sat in front of my little altar of serenity and planned a journal page in my new Moleskine sketchbook.  The candles were flickering and I could hear the dog snoring.  It was very calming to my nerves.  I’m supposed to have Friday to myself, too.  I plan on art journaling in my new Moleskine sketchbook.  It should be a very good day.

Here's my little altar of serenity.

9 thoughts on “The need for a personal retreat”

  1. I’m so happy to read that you are making *YOU* a priority. Your altar of serenity is lovely. I’m delighted that you found the personal retreat workshop and it is guiding you in your search for serenity. Thank you for sharing your experiences. May you find moments of retreat each day.


  2. I am glad you had that moment and hope you get many more …but i feel someone needs to say it …..what about the poor Mole?????


  3. Thank you for sharing your “me” time. It is so true we all need to do this. I am slowly taking steps in making myself a priority. Something in which I have never done as I am a caregiver to so many for so many years along with the daily grind. I must think about my space and where.


  4. Thanks so much for sharing about your sacred space and your retreat times. I so enjoyed kathryn’s retreat workshop. Share more when you can.
    lots of love from susan in australia


  5. There is a book called “Self Nurture” by Alice Domar you might like. Glad you were able to lose the old man for a day! Thanks again, Heather.


  6. I love the look and feel of your “altar”. I feel that each object holds special meaning. I hope as you go through this workshop you make time for you and that your situation improves through you making time for yourself.


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