Tuesday on my mind…

Today marks the 20th birthday of Scott, my sweeter son, my second born.  He was a big baby, all of 11.bs 7 oz.   I delivered him naturally,  and lived through it, lol….and I’d do it all over again to have a son as good and kind as he is.  It’s difficult to realize he is 20 already.  Time flies so fast when your’e a mother and love your  children so much.  Happy birthday to you Scotty. I hope you live to be 100 and have a memory as sharp as a tack to to think back on your life and remember those who love you.

Scott, now 20.























My days seem to be preoccupied with puppy training.  Xander, my newest baby is 8 weeks old and demanding (and deserving) of most of my time.  These are the weeks/months that must be tended to diligently if I expect to have a house trained dog.  I am anal, and very driven to get the job done and to not let him slip up if I can help it.  This little dog wants to please, you can see it in his eyes.  Just today, it is evident he has learned his name.  When I say “Xander!” , he looks up, perks his ears and watches me.  It’s as if he waited till we were settled on a name before he gave us the satisfaction of answering us.  He’s such a smart little angel.


I‘ve discovered Ray Lamontagne.  His music is folksy, comforting and enveloping.   Have a listen here, to understand just what I mean. 

Little Xander 8 weeks old.


Today, I realized how really blessed I am.  We’ve also got our selves together, too.  It’s a good feeling.

I‘m pissed at myself because I didn’t read my library copy of Rebecca quick enough.   It’s due tomorrow.  I went online to renew it and it turns out I can’t because someone else has  a hold on it.  I really screwed this one up.  Now I have to return the book and wait to finish it.  Should I just go to Borders and purchase my own copy? 


Now I have to wait to see what the diabolical Mrs. Danvers is up to.

It’s been raining and raining and raining here every day.  I wonder if the sun will ever come out and dry out the rain?  Dreary is beginning to become the norm around here.  For someone who likes rainy days, even this is beginning to be too much for me to stand.


Do you ever wonder what’s next? 




2 thoughts on “Tuesday on my mind…”

  1. Hey there, Em. We are pretty much north and south of each other and we’ve had the rain too. It’s quite bad on the mooooood. Now my fibromyalgia has flared up and I’m just physically miserable. Like, every hour or so, I just start to cry and have to stop myself. There’s some bad zitsu blowing in these fronts. 😦

    Hey, the good thing about finding a good male dog is that he will be your Remains of the Day valet 4-ev. My Reggie is 10 this year and he keeps getting better and better and smarter. Wiser, I guess. Reggie’s face has that same expression as Xander’s. You got a keeper. :-))) xoxo


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