The end of the world (as I know it)

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the impending end of the world with the  year 2012 only two years away.  I’m not so sure about the prophesies and if they will come true, nor am I knowledgeable enough on Mayan history and their calender to even form an opinion.  But, there are some things, that when they happen to me, are a small scale version of ‘the end of the world’.   

It’s the ‘end of the world’ when:

  •   I go over to the coffee maker and I’m all ready to pour myself a fresh, hot cup and I look over and realize we are completely out of flavored coffee creamers.
  •   I’ve misplaced something I really, really need and no matter how many prayers I send up to St. Anthony, I can’t locate it to save my soul.
  •  without even trying I gain weight. 
  •  my husband and I have one of our terrible arguments  that I can never seeem to win.
  • plans with my girlfriends gets cancelled.  As you can probably guess, I really look forward to being with my friends.
  • the internet suddenly isn’t working.
  • we run out of coffee.
  • someone insults me or makes me feel bad about something I did.
  • someone is angry or disappointed in me.
  • days and sometimes weeks go by where I don’t get my creative juices flowing with a project or journaling or writing.  This to me is disconcerting.
  • I reach for that last piece of chocolate and someone in my family has already beaten me to it.
  • my sciatic nerve causes me great pains down the back of my leg and in my butt cheek.
  • I go a week or so without walking the dog.  I feel like I’m letting her down, but more importantly, I know I’m cheating myself out of the health benefits of exercise.
  •  my friends disappoint me by being thoughtless.
  • my dog is sick or lost.
  • I look in the mirror and notice a new wrinkle or I seem to look older than I did the last time I caught a glimpse of myself.
  • my feet hurt so bad.
  • my father died back in 1982.  It’s still the end of the world for me just a little bit everytime I miss him.
  • I see a photo of myself and I have a double chin.  I HATE MY no chin-chin.
  • I’ve typed a really long email and proceed to accidentally delete it. 
  • I bouce multiple checks and seem to be funding the bank  with all the fees they charge me.
  • someone dies and and I feel shock and that sense of loss in the pit of my stomach.
  • I look forward to House and it gets pre-empted 2 weeks in a row so the network can play the World Series instead.  Arrgh.
  • I have car trouble and get stalled somewhere.  I hate feeling helpless and vulnerable.
  • the Cubs lose the playoff series and are once again denied any chance of going to the World Series.
  • Sex and the City came to an end.  It’s so sad when a series you love is over. 
  • I come out of a public restroom and have toilet paper stuck to my shoe or worse, it’s coming out of my pants and trailing out like a tissue paper tail.
  • I’m stuck somewhere with nothing to read. 
  • my stupidity makes me pay dearly.
  • I disappoint my kids and make them feel bad.  (luckily, this doesn’t happen often!)
  • after talking to someone, I look in the mirror and notice a visible booger in my nose or a black spot from an oreo cookie on my tooth.  You just know the person you were talking to saw it and was grossed out.  That mortifiys me.
  • I’m thinking I have the dog housebroken and am just starting to feel confident and a bit cocky about my dog training success and he looks at me with those cute, black eyes and proceeds to pee on the floor.

What kind of things constitute your ‘end of the world’?  Blog about it or leave me a comment and tell me. 

4 thoughts on “The end of the world (as I know it)”

  1. OMG Emily I laughed so hard on some of these I about peed myself..lol Im totally with you on almost everything you wrote!! Especially the part about the internet going down or missing out on that last piece of chocolate!! Hope all is well with you~hugs~


  2. Oh Emily thats the funniest post I’ve read all week! My stupidity makes me pay dearly on a daily basis!! It’s the end of my world when there’s no milk in the fridge and a cup of tea going cold in the cup.
    I live for tea. I need a life.


  3. I see a bit of myself in this blog. It makes my heart warm to know I am not the only one who has these feelings about myself. I think at these times we just need to realize what makes us keep ticking….like dinner with the family when everyone is talking at once or texting your crazy sisters/friends for 2 hours during Biggest Loser. There is always a flip side!


  4. Hmmm…I second just about every one of these – just substitute Diet Coke for coffee. Our little “ends of the world” definitely make us who we are. You’ve got me thinking now and singing!


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