Eight Things…

A good book on a breezy, 73 degree sunny day.

Good Coffee

A lengthy pedicure

Eight things that make me happy:
1. Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. This means someone else was up before me and made some. What would make this better, is if someone brought the coffee to me.
2. Having a clean garage with a working garage door opener.

3. When Larry combs my hair for me after I wash it and continues to brush it just because I like how it feels. It’s very relaxing.

4. Getting a pedicure that is not rushed, with a relaxing foot rub and leg massage.

5. Having the bills paid and some spare cash in the bank.

6. I am happy when I’m with friends who love to get together to create art, have great conversation and lots of laughs.

7. A delicious home made dinner when everything turns out perfect and everyone raves about how good it all tastes.

8. Having special people over for lengthy visits. I particularily enjoy my husband’s aunt and uncle’s yearly visits that last 3 weeks. I’ve always loved having company over-ever since I was a kid. It really depends on who it is. The people who occupy my house must make themselves at home, and not be high maintenance, and not drive me crazy.

Eight things I look forward to:

1. I look forward to someday going to Paris with my husband or a girlfriend if Larry doesn’t want to go.

2. My monthly get togethers with my grammar school friends.

3. Cubs baseball season and breezy summer nights.

4. The Christ Church rummage sale in Winnetka every October. It’s the BEST rummage sale EVER.

5. The next season of Project Runway.

6. The time when I can have an art weekend with my creative friends.

7. My vacation by the lake.

8. Someday getting an Electra Townie and cruising the bike path on a daily basis.

Eight things I did yesterday

1. Cleaned the house

2. Shopped at Old Navy and Target for groceries

3. Got a pedicure

4. Watched the Blackhawks win game 3 of the series against the Redwings

5. Watched the Cubs lose.

6. Helped Larry organize his DVDs

7. Applied for financial aid for both of my college-age sons.

8. Called my mother.

Eight things I wish I could do

1. I wish I could sing like a DIVA.

2. I would love to paint daily and be able to support myself financially solely on my artistic efforts.

3. I wish I could live in a highrise condo on the lake in Chicago

4. I wish I could knit proficiently and read a pattern effortlessly, enabling myself to create countless colorful knitted articles.

5. LOSE 100 pounds.

6. I wish I could see my guardian angel or spirit guide.

7. I wish I could have unlimited will power to propel myself through exercising, so I could be healthier and thinner.

8. I wish I could eat as much cake and French bread as I liked and never gain an ounce.

Eight things I promise myself

1. I will always try to do the healthy thing and watch what I eat to the best of my ability and exercise as much as I can, despite my lack of will power.

2. I will one day get that perfect tattoo after I figure out what image I can live with till the day I die.

3. Next to God and family, I will make art in my life a priority. Simply put, it brings me joy.

4. I will always be an optimist.

5. I will never recommit a wrong doing I did in the past. It’s the only way, I believe to be truly forgiven.

6. I will never do anything I don’t feel comfortable doing.

7. It’s okay to not be the smartest or sexiest or most successful woman. It’s good to just be me.

8. I will speak up for myself /and know when to keep my mouth shut.

2 thoughts on “Eight Things…”

  1. Awesome lists! Yum, cake and french bread, and on a very bad day, together, yum. LOLOLOL okay maybe not.


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