Resist the urge to eat by doing these things…(yeah, right.)

I saw this little article in a magazine and I ripped it out a while ago, and I can’t believe how dopey it is. Doing most of these things makes me want to eat, or, at least eat afterwards. Some of them make sense, but most of them are laughable. What would you suggest doing instead, to get your mind off of eating?

1. Curl up with a new magazine or a riveting book

2. Volunteer to pull your elderly neighbor’s weeds, or better yet, pull your own weeds. (Holy crap, what works up an appetite more than hard, physical labor?)

3. Surf the internet (I get hungry surfing the net, maybe it distracts you from eating, but not me.)

4. Update your personal documents and organize them in folders.

5. Watch reruns of your favorite show. (Hello? Popcorn and TV-makes me want to nibble, doesn’t it you, too?)

6. Go window shopping (With a friend, or my daughter, lunch is always a sequel to shopping. Always.)

7. Organize your photos (This makes me want to sleep.)

9. Clean out your computer files and delete things you no longer need that are taking up space on your hard drive.

10. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

11. Knit or crochet

12. Have Sex (next to a cigarette, what follows sex better than a delicious meal?)

8 thoughts on “Resist the urge to eat by doing these things…(yeah, right.)”

  1. I could see #12 working if it was wild, uninhibited…exhausting sex. But then after falling asleep instead of eating, you would just end up awake at 2:00am STARVING!!! I would anyways if I was to live a totally passionate life…yeah, right with 3 teenage boys and an 8 yr. old girl in the house…not too much “passion” happening here! lol If you find the secret thing to keep us from wanting to eat..all…the…time, let us know! 10 pounds ago I wanted to lose 10 pounds… but everytime I think about losing a bit, I get very hungry. Our brains are evil things, they sabbotage us at every turn!


  2. Yeah.
    All that is a bunch of steamy crap.
    Nothing keeps me from being hungry since I found that eating made my nausea go away (temporarily)
    during my first pregnancy, over forty years ago.


  3. Lots of sex and reading work well for me! Lol!
    If you start shoveling only healthy foods in yourself that pretty much curbs the appetite unless you need a balanced meal.



  4. Yeah, right IS right! I think snooze not nosh on tasty treats when I think of updating documents, organizing photos (need to do it though) or crocheting, but that’s just me. And I’d rather starve than pull weeds in the first place!


  5. Geebus, this cracks me up, too. I just put a good funny on my antics blog if ya wanna see. May be a bit of gallows humor for you, but I know you can take it. (Hope you got good news today!) xoxo, Aimeslee


  6. haha omg that is to funny! I think drinking makes me not hungry I might have a drinking prob but hey I dont eat…. LOL jk but drinking doesnt make me hungry! maybe we should just all be drunk and merry all the time! hehe



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