Have you seen Farrah’s Story?

This documentary aired on TV a week ago and I wasnt’ aware of it even existing, until I was watching Fox News and heard about it. I visited my Delphi Forum and there was a post running about it and someone posted a link to watch it online. It documents Farrah’s two year battle with cancer. It is very inspiring and she is incredibly brave. Ryan O’Neill, her companion, said if you already like her, you will love her by the time you’re done watching this. I agree with him.

I still remember that poster of her in the red swimsuit, with her nips and her beautiful California smile, framed by her trademark thick, layered blonde hair. I remember wanting to have a hair style just like hers. It’s sad to know she is suffering so and near death.

Watch the documentary if you can. I can attest that it did inspire me and give me a respect for her I never knew I had. Especially touching, at the very end when Redmond, her son, comes to visit his mother for 3 hours, after have a temporary release from jail. As a mother, I understand the agony of this. Watch it.

Click on FARRAH to watch it.

4 thoughts on “Have you seen Farrah’s Story?”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up.
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed about your density.
    (Ha just thought of Back to the Future, “You are my density.”
    Back in the dark ages 1985 I had a lumpectomy. Scared the poop out of me but as you can see, it was nothing.


  2. I saw this when it first aired. Very moving and totally does what she intended it to. I think she is so brave and I’n very sad she may not be with us much longer. 😦


  3. I have always loved Farrah and I was sad that I missed the documentary. I will watch it. Thanks for the link!


  4. I remember my brother was one of the countless many who had her poster hanging up! We all know THE ONE!.. Still I’m afraid I did not feel the respect for her, and I question to what degree she even respected herself for a while there.. But having seen her story, and how this HAD to have changed her, I can almost better relate to her now. We all go through our phases, we all have our triumphs and mistakes; and we all deserve understanding, support, and the chance to grow, to redeem, to make changes the best way we know how. THEN, I believe we are ready to move on to help others. I have a MUCH greater respect for Farrah now! I pray, if and whenever God means to call her Home, that she feels at peace, and feels no pain.


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