Ladies, show your boobies some love

HAVE YOUR MAMMOGRAM THIS MONTH, if you haven’t already. And, if you have never had one, (CAT, you know I’m talkin’ to you) make an appointment. They are so important.

I have been having yearly mammograms for the last 11 years. Had my baseline at 35. Just last week I had my annual. I went to a new hospital, prompted by my dear friend Cindy who told me that hospital has digital mammography which is much more detailed than traditional mammography.

I’m glad I went there. Yesterday, I get a call back from my doctor telling me I have to go back for additional imaging, because I have a ‘density issue’ on the inside cleavage portion of my right breast and they need to check it out. VERY scary. You know, that kind of sensation you get when you hear terrible news, a flush of heat though your veins, followed by an immediate sense of panic. All kinds of terrifying thoughts soar through my mind thinking of what might be.

I Googled ‘breast density’ and read until I think I understand it. I also talked to the nurse and the technicians in the mammo department and they helped me to understand what is going on with me. They say, after comparing this most recent digital film to last year’s film the density is new, so they have to check it out and see if anything is behind it. The nurse told me there is a scale of ‘concern’ that goes from 0-5 and I have a 0. That is somewhat reassuring.

I have an appointment for the 29th and I will find out my results that day. I’m hoping I will be driving home filled with gratitude and not dread. Please say a prayer for me.

Has anyone experienced this density issue in their breast and had to go back in for additional imaging? What was your outcome? My technician tells me 90% of the time it’s nothing at all.

So, please, get your mammogram done. I understand it’s scary knowing there’s a possibility you will get news that is terrifying, but mammograms allow cancers to be caught so much sooner when the treatment is much less invasive and the cure rate is very high. We owe it to our families, (our children) to do whatever it takes to be around as long as we can.

Show your boobies some love and make your appointment. Then say a prayer and hope for good news.

7 thoughts on “Ladies, show your boobies some love”

  1. I was wondering what was happening with this!

    I’m glad you’re OK!
    I know you’re still nervous, though. I would be too, but I know you’ll be OK.

    Brittany (In the computer room)


  2. Yep! I have the dreaded dense breasts. I usually have the doggone mammo-cram and then have the ultrasound after that. It used to scare me but that is just how I am. I just have lots of tiny calcium deposits. It’s always something.
    You will be fine…try not to worry.


  3. Hi ya …. here in the UK we don’t have mamos until we are 50 !! and then every 3 years and none after about late 60s not good enough really….. and we are left to check them ourselves no longer done at the well women’s clinic
    Of course if you find a lump before 50 then if you need it a mamo is done ….
    Yep i have breast density too …a nurse on one of my mamos ..Oh you have very dense breasts Mrs H …… i think she really meant Large !! ha ha ….
    Have fun and look after them Girls ..Kieren


  4. We have dense breasts in my family. We also get alot of cysts. I am 44 and already have had to have 5 drained in the last couple of years. Not fun. They never amount to anything, thank God! In fact, right now I have another one. One that was already drained apparently decided to hang around and refill with fluid…how thoughtful. Most often my problem, and dense breast tissue, turn out to be absolutely nothing. It sounds like you have found a good imaging place that will stay on top of it for you. Try to stay calm about it (I know…I know…fat chance) and trust in the professionals. Keep us posted!


  5. the “0” is not a “level of concern” it merely designates that you “need additional imaging”

    Google “BiRads”


  6. I've found lumps on several occasions and they turned out to be cysts each time, thank God. I know the hell of waiting with it hanging over your head until you find out the results ~ you're in my thoughts & prayers!


  7. Just now getting to your blog, sorry. So, did you hear or not til after Mem Day? Holidays and weekends not fun for waiting. I’m keeping you in my prayers. 🙂


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