Meet our new Kitty…Help name him!

This past weekend my daughter and I went to Petsmart to get a collar and ID tag for Lilly and we made the mistake of looking at the cats. We saw this tiny, little cutie and couldn’t resist him. He is only two months old. I justified adopting him because we lost Blaze and Rupert the same week.

I learned the animals sold at Petsmart come directly from local shelters and the adoption money goes directly back to the shelter. So, that’s a good thing!

Anyway, he needs a name. Leave me a comment with your name suggestions. We really can use some help picking out the perfect moniker for him. Caroline wants to call him Pickles (blech), so please, any help would be great! I think he’s part, if not all Maine Coon, so he will be big and fluffy when he’s an adult cat. Thanks for your help!

16 thoughts on “Meet our new Kitty…Help name him!”

  1. I’m not so good at naming animals, but here’s my suggestion…Mainer. I know it’s not that original since he’s a Maine Coon, but it is what instantly came to mind. He is pretty darn cute!


  2. How about Rumpleteaser, or another name from the musical, “CATS”
    I named one of my kitties, Jennyanydot and she turned out to be a he.
    I hope the kitty helped your spirits! Whenever I feel as you described in your post before, I tell myself that I am just getting through a phase that must come now and then and so I rejoice that it will be some time before I must go through it again.
    Did I make any sense at all?


  3. omg…he’s so cute! i’m terrible with names, too. my cat was already named when i got him. but i wanted to name him Jack before i found out that he already had a name. Jack sounds like such a cool name for a cat. so that’s my suggestion. since i will never get to use it.


  4. Okay, he’s got big feet like our doxie Reggie, so my first thought was Big Foot, hehe. But then after you wrote he will get all fluffy, well, my vote’s for Fluffy. Yes, I know, I’m so deep….sigh.


  5. What a cutie! I also thought of Maynard for the Maine theme, but I think he does look like a Winston….or Sparta. See how his personality developes.


  6. He looks like a Seymour to me! Seemee for short. In his photo he looks like he is saying “See? See me?”


  7. I like Lizzi’s suggestion! Hubby always announces loudly “Stay away from the cats!” when we first walk into Petsmart!


  8. Well, I remember crocheting a hat in his colors, and thinking the overall effect reminded me of chocolate chip cookie dough.. So that and being the sweet-tooth that I am, here’s what I come up with 1. Chip 2. Chipper 3. Chip Douglas (anyone remember him?)… no?.. ok, how ’bout 4. Fish-n-Chip 5. Mike Rochip 6. Chip Pendale
    7. Chip Pergore 8. My my my my my my my my Poker Chip? Ok, I’ll stop now. (0;


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