My new art table!

Our new stone entry way which is being repeated in our powder room. I love it’s organic flavor. To me, it’s as if someone walked in with a bag of pebbles from the beach and dumped them in the middle of the floor. They are heavenly to walk on. They actually feel good under your feet.

Closeup of stone.

I went to IKEA last Friday on the way to getting my son from college. I always hit the ‘as is’ room for bargains, and they had none, but they did have some clearance specials! I found a photo of this table in the April 2008 issue of Domino magazine and loved it. It wasn’t in the current 2009 cataloge, so while I was there, I asked a sales person if they had that particular table in stock even though it wasn’t in the catalog and they said yes! I was so happy, and to make it even better, because it was an older model and being discontinued I got a hefty discount! I picked it up in white, brought it home and had my son Scott put it together for me. It’s in my little art nook on my loft, overlooking my living room. It has a tempered glass top with a storage area underneath the glass. This will be nice to wipe clean after making journal pages with paint and glue.

For now, I’m displaying my Tascha paintings under the right side until my downstairs powder room is done being remodeled. I’m having stone tile put on the walls and flooring to match my foyer. My husband and I discovered this beautiful, organic looking pebble tile and we just had to have it for our entryway. So, when the bathroom is redone, the Tascha’s will either go back up in there, or possibly will find a new home in my studio area.

1 thought on “My new art table!”

  1. Oh man, I gotta go to Ikea one day. I’m awkwardly jealous, bigtime. Well, that table won’t fit anywhere in my cluttered up home, so I am happy that you can enjoy it. (That was only a little hard to say but it was sincere!) winkwink

    And that entry way is to die for. Excellent choice! Yes, beach pebbles, for sure and I’m guessing it gives good traction on those track-in rainy days? No wanna put down any rug to cover that up! winkwink, aimes


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