New look for March

Surprise! Well, if you are are a regular, you know I can’t stand still for long. I don’t like to live with the same old, same ole stuff day in and day out. I always like to change things.

Look around. Do you see a theme going on? Lately, I noticed I have this attraction to black umbrellas. I have 3 framed prints in my house that have someone holding an umbrella, I also have a drawing I did of golashes and a black umbrella way back in college that I found in that old portfolio in the basement. Since I’ve noticed my affinity for this item, I see them everywhere. This attraction has been with me for a long time, apparently. So, for March, I’m going to celebrate the umbrella with a handmade banner and some fun graphics running down the right column of my blog.

I bet now, you will notice them, too. Let me know if you do.

6 thoughts on “New look for March”

  1. Okay, Em, I do lovelove the changes, and there you are! All of your face on the new header! But, I have to tellya, I feel guiltily responsible for the header change…cuz of the butterflies. Hope you didn’t freak out about that, only moi would probably make that brain fart. LOL

    Anyway, gotta go! I’m dying to get onto your blog entry with all the nudes, LOL. Bye! winkwink


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