Art school memories pulled up from the basement…

This is a watercolor I did of a girl named Shaela Wells, in 1987. She is now almost 30 years old.

Yesterday I found my old portfolio from Art school when I attended Columbia College in Chicago. I cracked open the musty smelling black case and was delightfully surprised to find these old life drawings. I am so proud of them I wanted to share with you all.

I miss art school! My kids, of course, were snickering at the nakedness, but really, if you want to learn how to draw the human body, you must subject yourself to a nude model. It is a necessary art experience. For me, there was nothing uncomfortable about it. It’s all professional. Funny, enough, my favorite body types to draw were plump women. They are so much more interesting, with all those curves and dimples. Thin people are not as enjoyable for me to draw. I don’t think I could draw this good today, some 23 years later, but it wouldn’t take long to get this good again if I took another life drawing class. I’d be rusty at first, but with some practice and a great model, it would all come back to me, I’m sure.

I am thinking of getting the drawings of the women framed for my bedroom. What do you think, should I?

4 thoughts on “Art school memories pulled up from the basement…”

  1. My husband went to art school in Pittsburgh and we have a stash of similar sketches in our attic.
    He was just telling us the other day about one of plumper women models that used to doze off while she was being sketched. 🙂


  2. Why Em..I didn’t know you were so talented!! You bet! You better get those out of that musty book and up on the wall!! Beautiful! ..I love our stones…:)


  3. Girl, your talent rocks! I feel sure you could probably do it better now, if you put your mind to it. And geez, thanks for the headsup on a new line of work for me (the plumpness spoke to me, lololol). xoxo


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