Mystery callers…do you have this problem, too?

It seems like every day I get 3 or 4 of them. The phone rings, the caller ID says something like Los Gatos CA or Conyers GA or Triangle VA (to name a few) I answer, say hello, wait and say hello again and wait some more but the phone is silent. No tape comes on trying to sell me a car warranty or satellite system. Nothing. Just silence. It’s eerie. Everytime I get one of these calls I can’t stop thinking of what or who it might be, and sometimes my imagination gets carried away and I start to think thoughts like maybe it’s ‘Big Brother’ or terrorists or worse, aliens.

Do any of you get these same, strange phone calls? These come on my land line, never my cell. I absolutely hate it. I feel like someone or something is keeping tabs on us. Why are these calls coming on such a regular basis and why would someone or some place care or bother?
Can anyone shed some light on this and let me know of you’ve experience the same thing basis?

4 thoughts on “Mystery callers…do you have this problem, too?”

  1. yes, we have been getting them too. ours usually says nevada or california call. there is never anyone on the other end.
    the last two days we have been getting a real wierd one. “unknown name 000-000-000”
    i wonder too, what is going on.


  2. WEll, silly goose..don’t answer the phone..I have heard, it’s computer generated calls and they check to see if the number is working then will have sales call you at another time…


  3. Yes, I get these ALL the time and it drives me nuts! It will usually happen right in the middle of putting varnish on a painting, I will jump up, run to get the phone….and no one is there. The number will be something like 123-456-7890 or 000-000-0000!


  4. The mystery calls are computer generated. They ring a bunch of numbers and the first to answer are treated to whatever the calls are about. They just diconnect on the rest of the numbers. This was told to me by the phone company when Mom was alive.She was getting a lot and it scared the crap out of her!Imagination is a family thing! Love Arlene


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