Rethinking my workout regimen

I used to be gung ho…you all know from my previous posts over the year that I really want to work out and do things that will help this weight roll off. I joined the gym and when I got bummed out with that, I started walking the dog. Bought a doggie coat from Lands End and everything to prepare for the winter cold, so the two of us can continue walking despite the weather.

Then the first snowfall happend last night and everything has changed. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I seriously feel like I can’t tolerate the cold like I used to. I’m sitting in the house and my feet and hands are like ice. I’m seriously chilled. When I let Lilly out into the backyard and the wind whips past me, I nearly want to dive under a pile of electric blankets. The thought of venturing out to walk her is almost like, “What? You’ve got to be kidding!”

I quit the gym to save money, (especially since the HULKY guy who works there told me the best cardio was walking, so why the hell am I spending $20 a month to drag myself to the gym?) and instead purchased one of those mini trampolines, and one of those new 15lb weight bars. The weight bar was delivered by UPS today and it was exciting to carry it in…I could already feel my muscles working from just carrying the thing across the driveway. My goal here is to stay in during the winter and exercise here. I want to walk as much as I can, privided I can stand the cold. I can’t wait to start jumping and lifing. It seems like fun?

Have any of you cowered from the cold latey? Is this natures way of making me want to hybernate? I don’t know, but despite it all, I have to fight it. I’m not turning into an old lady yet!

5 thoughts on “Rethinking my workout regimen”

  1. Hi Em,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I just added your link. You are not the only one who hates the cold. Having a full time job outside the house and having to venture out every day in the cold really stinks! Good luck with the walking!
    Sweetpeas Primitives


  2. Dude, for the first time ever, I found myself thinking “I hate snow.” I DETEST being cold but until now snow was the only thing that made the cold worthwhile. I had knee replacement surgery 8 weeks ago and I am absolutely terrified of falling. Which means that I looked like my 100 year old grandma (ok, she would be 100 if she hadn’t died 16 years ago) walking across the parking lot after work tonight. Sexxxxxxy.

    I can barely type my hands are so cold but I won’t turn up the heat because Ameren is already sucking enough out of my bank account.

    One good thing about working out – you won’t be cold while you’re doing it! 😛


  3. Welllllll, you KNOW how I LOVE the cold, but it's because I've always lived where we have only 2 seasons – hot & hotter – and I DO have all this built-in insulation (sigh) which keeps me warm. As for exercising, I may be one of the ONLY weirdos in the world who literally LOVES it. I ache for the time (before 2006) when I could work out for EVER and just feel GREAT. Darned busted kneecap. Darned deteriorating health! You will get addicted if you TRULY exercise at least 4 times a week for 6 weeks. After that, if you DON'T do it, you'll suddenly find yourself not feeling 'right.' Really! You just have to find an exercise routine that you genuinely enjoy – or at least one you like enough to do regularly. YOU CAN DO IT! Cold or no cold, you CAN! I BELIEVE IN YOU!


  4. Em,
    It is harder to get out when it’s cold. The thing that keeps me going is that my dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cold….they are just so happy when we walk and they can walk much longer. I do long johns, jeans or sweats and a really warm coat, gloves or mittens, scarf and hat…..think accessorize and put together a “dog walking” outfit for yourself.


  5. I’m finding it particularly cold this year, which is unusual for Cornwall, but if the sun’s shining it’s not too bad, like today. I love the snow though, which we don’t get here. When we lived in Nottinghamshire we had lots of snow and frost….a magical winter wonderland…..Hugs Chrissy x


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