Busy in the Bestest of Ways…

I decided towards the beginning of this past week that I wanted to hand make gifts for my entire group of friends who meet every month. I’ve spent the last 5 days gloriously making art and I couldn’t be happier. I think I’ve finally found my bliss. These gifts must be ready by the 14th when I give them out.

Let me revel in it a bit. I will be back soon and hopefully a superb post will ensue.

Oh, and I have a hand knitted project to make for a Christmas gift. I have to whip up a black scarf for my son David. He wants one-now how can a mother deny her child a hand knitted scarf if they ask for it?

3 thoughts on “Busy in the Bestest of Ways…”

  1. Hi Emily! I’m so glad to hear you’re creating – have fun, and please post some pictures when you’re finished. I would love to see what you made. Good luck with your workout plans too! Best wishes – Dawne


  2. Hey, you creative lil' cutie! I DO hope we all get to see the pretties you're busy making! PLEASE? Had to grin over your son & the black scarf. Oh, he's gooooood! Got the guilt trip thing down perfectly, huh? (I wouldn't be able to resist him either! LOL! My daughter pulls that, too. She says, "Mom, I KNOW you wouldn't want to disappoint your only daughter." The little conniver!) Create away, my sweet friend! Glad you're enjoying it! Love you, Em!


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