My Personal ABC’s of Thankfulness

Annie Lennox-No More I Love You’s (after the music starts, hit the back button and you can continue reading this blog while the music plays.)
(affectionately known to us as the ‘Dib a Dip Song’)
This song was very special to my kids when they were growing up…we used to play it really loud and dance all over the living room to it. My three oldest have fond memories of doing this together.

My sewing machine

The willow tree in my backyard

Kissing-any chance I get

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I’d like to share with you some of the things in life I’m thankful to have and know. Besides God, and my family, here are the things that make my life pleasant, convenient, comfortable and magical.

A-Art, air conditioning , Annie Lenox songs, and antibiotics, for without we’d all be dropping like flies

B-Bread, books, birds, (my) bed, Mr. Big, & blue skies

C-coffee, (my) computer & cats & Chicago, cottages

D-dogs, dragonflies & daydreams

E-Electricity, (my) eyes, & elevators

F-Frank Sinatra, fonts & fabric

G-(my eye-)glasses, girlfriends, grapes & galleries

H-(my) hair (which so happens to be my best asset), Honeycrisp apples, hot water, heat,

I-IPod (nano) & my imagination

J-Jello (Cool & Easy pies)

K-knitting & kissing

L-lavender, love, the lakefront & laughter

M-Motrin (to sooth my aches and pains), Mr. Erklin (my high school art teacher who fostered my love of art), music, & Mirena

N-New York City,

O-(my) ovaries-so glad I’m a woman, online banking,

P-(stuffed) pizza, Project Runway, (my) positive attitude, pillows (soft, fluffy ones), Prilosec to sooth my heart burn, pedicures

Q-quiet time, quilts

R-red lipstick, Ryka walking shoes, restaurants & Rummy & Rook

S-Sex and the City, sewing machine, Scrabble, sterling silver & shampoo

T-trampoline, (indoor) toilets, turkey club sandwiches & toothpaste

U-underwear, Ugly Betty


W-writing, & (my)willow tree, washing machine & words


Y-yoga pants


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