P.S. I Love You…

Have you seen this movie? I’m always a year behind seeing movies, but I did see this one a few days ago. OMG…I sat there on the sofa, crying! It was such a sweet, touching movie. A little hard to believe, but hey, I’ll give the movie a break cuz after all, that’s what it is-a movie.
It’s a great chick flick with some really nice shots of NYC and Ireland. See it if you like romantic comedys. It’s got Kathy Bates in it and Lisa Kudrow and Harry Connick Jr. It’s worth seeing just for him.
Common’ girls, pop some corn and grab your tissues….it’s great!

3 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You…”

  1. Em,
    This is on my “to see” list…will have to check out the redbox and see if they have it in stock….I’ve got a long holiday weekend ahead of me….hmmmm….hooking and a movie…me thinks YES!


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