Up, way up, under the roof of some old house…

…in my perfect world, my ‘dream’ attic studio would be something like this…

I would have airy, cheesecloth curtains on the windows that looked just like these…

The walls of my special art room would have vintage look wallpaper like this, and I might just have a dress like that hanging on the wall….after all, we all need some lovelies to look at now and then, don’t we?

My wide, multi-purpose table would be like this, so my artistic friends could sit at the table and join me in a special project. Of course, there’d be a fireplace just like that one to keep our toes warm on those cold, winter nights when we lost ourselves in the joy of artmaking.
I would have a long wall of built in shelves just like this to house all my favorite books and of course, there would be a sofa like this one to curl up on if I just wanted to page through books seeking out inspiration. No art studio would be complete without a place for the cat, and my attic abode would have several baskets and pillows for my special feline friends.

I wish I had a place to call my own-a place where I could keep my supplies apart from my home. I long for a finished attic room, with old, vintage wallpaper in aqua and white. This attic room would have sunny windows with cheesecloth curtains and they would open up to the breezes swirling about my house. I wish i had a place to call my own, a place where I’d be free to dream up new art, an escape to where my thoughts could process. I wish I had white vintage cabinets to store my fabrics, paint and other dabbling supplies and a long wall with cubbies to house my most precious books and my lovely skeins of colorful yarns. I wish I had a big vintage table with a comfy chair on wheels so I could spin about from here to there in a flurry of creative frenzy. I’d fill my attic room with music and immerse myself in all things colorful and pleasing to the eye.
Attic rooms remind me of being a young girl. I had an attic playroom in the home I grew up in. It was magical, a bit dirty and somewhat cold, but I loved it because it was mine. I do long for a place that feels cozy-like being a girl again.
Maybe it’s the cooler weather setting in that’s giving me a feeling of wanting to retreat to a warm, creative nook. Maybe it was Granville’s old homes that set my heart a-flutter. What ever it is, I wish.

4 thoughts on “Up, way up, under the roof of some old house…”

  1. Oh I wish right along with you! :o) I might even put the little play kitchen sink and stove in a corner..just to remind me of days gone by! :o)


  2. What a beautiful post, Em! You have such a feel for beauty and comfort combined! Really! I hope someday you get your creative space exactly as described! And I hope I’ll be one of the friends invited to join you in art-making around that big, welcoming table!


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