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Things I HEART Thursday

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I found this photo of Mr. Big and Carrie on a sofa after paging through an older issue of Vogue. I forgot I had this issue that hit the news stands around the time the Sex and the City Movie came out.

{{sigh}} If there ever was a case of unrequited love, this would be it. Chris Noth (Mr. Big) is, above all other men of celebrity and fame, my secret boyfriend. He, of course, has no idea of the special place he has in this heart of mine. It doesn’t matter that he plays hard to get, is aloof and (his character)has problems with commitment or that he snubbed me when I met him in person at the Cutting Room in New York City. However, he did vindicate himself by writing me a handwritten letter of apology. (If you want to know more about that, post a comment to me. If enough of you comment to me and want to hear the story, I will post about what happened that evening in NYC.)

Regardless of his TV past, to me this man is ‘all that.” He’s everything that gets my cheeks flushed and my heart rate off the charts. He’s the quintessential New Yorker and he’s all man-an absolute alpha male, tall, oh, so very tall, dark and sexy, and no one says ”Baby” the way he can. It’s a good thing he’s grounded himself by becoming a family man this last year-I’m glad he found love. And a lucky Tara she is. Look at that arm and that hunky profile! I would have given my eye teeth to be in SJP’s spot on that sofa laughing with him and having him look down at me like that…….on to Elderberry!

I have felt healthier after taking two of these a day for the last week. It boosts your immune system. Ask your doctor…

My heart has been not only loving things on Thursday, but bursting with the urge to create. This publication is fodder for my imagination. I get heart palpatations when a new issue comes in the mail.

My cat Markey has unusual markings and I just love how his two front legs look-as if he pushed his sleeve up. He’s just a white cat wearing a tabby stripe suit.

I bought this sparkly word in Granville at Green Velvet. It’s big and sparkles when my kitchen light shines on it. It’s beautiful!

I have begun my winter knitting and my first choice this season is this chunky yarn. I love how it looks and it’s turning into a fabulous scarf.

A few weeks ago I saw a Planet Earth episode with never before seen footage of a Tibetan fox. I was instantly smitten. I love his wide face with fat cheeks and small, piercing eyes. He’s the most beautiful animal in the world to me (this week).

This green tea not only is good for your immune system, but speeds up the metabolism, helping to shed pounds. (I’m still waiting. Did I mention I’ve ordered a freightload of this stuff?)

1 thought on “Things I HEART Thursday”

  1. Great list of things you love! Your kitty is darling & DOES look as tho' there's a pushed up sleeve! LOL! I wouldn't have thought of that! The Elderberry – I'm going to check into that! Laura (of My Little Orange Kitchen) got me ADDICTED to Yogi tea's Mayan Cocoa Spice. I bought a TON of it at Whole Food recently. As for Chris Noth, your affection for him made me know I wasn't the ONLY one with a definite crush on a film star. Mine (sadly) died unexpectedly a year ago this month. I fell for him in 1986 & since the minute I saw him, no man has ever measured up. (And no one ever WILL.)


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