Had a GRANVILLE time in Ohio!

-Cat’s affirmation collage-
-my affirmation collage-

-Rhonda’s affirmation collage-

Our mixed media collages done on Friday night. What a blast!

Welcome to Granville!

The sparklie frivolities at Green Velvet

Rhonda finds something interesting at Footloose, in Granville, OH.

An amazing vevet strawberry at Green Velvet in Granville, OH.

All these photos of sparklie ornaments and embellishments are at Green Velvet. It was magical!

Santas at Green Velvet.

Huge ribbon display at Green Velvet.

Handmade mittens, fingerless gloves, scarves and hats @ Green Velvet.

A striking display of white plaques with black sheer bows on a green wall @ Green Velvet.

French lamps hang from the ceiling @ Green Velvet.

A mirror shot of me @ Green Velvet.

A pretty, festive dressform @ Green Velvet.

A fun French lamp @ Green Velvet. (This was a store prop, not for sale….darn!)

Luscious Amy Butler fabric by the bolt with neat, ruffled laundry bags hanging fancifully in front of them.

More inside @ Green Velvet.

120 Prospect St. , Granville. This house was across from Footloose. Taken while I sat on the porch waiting for my friends to finish shopping.

Down the street from Footloose. Beautiful!

Granville’s little town street and the outdoor tables where we ate alfresco in the chilly autumn weather.

Barbara Franks, owner of Footloose, a vintage clothing store packed to the gills with garments from the past. Stop in to see her if you’re passing through Granville. Her shop number is 740- 321-1198. She’s a fun, friendly lady and we had a great time talking with her. She told us about the ghost of a woman who inhabits her colonial that houses her shop and Granville Chiropractic.

The window that greets us…

…with a quotation by Tasha Tudor.

Cat, touting the importance of delicious coffee.

Even the dogs in Granville are perfect!
This adorable pooch was tied outside while his own ran in for a sandwich. He was friendly enough, giving Rhonda his paw, and doing every trick he could think of to get a saltine cracker from us.

A pretty mannequin adorned with only the most beautiful trims the store has to offer.

Last Thursday, two of my friends and I set out East for a six hour drive to Ohio. Our main destination was the Simple Goods Show in Mt. Vernon. We had a day and a half before the show to explore the area and we managed to visit some of the most charming places I’ve been to in quite some time….Granville, being one of them.

Granville is in central Ohio near Columbus. If you read County Living magazine, you know Amy Butler lives in this town as well as other people who’ve had feature articles written about their country decor. We stopped at a Parisian inspired gift shop called Green Velvet that was just amazing. I took so many photos in there, everything was just the tastiest eye candy I’d ever comsumed, lol. Right next door, we lunched two days in a row at a little coffee/sandwich shop called The Village Coffee Company. They had such a simple menu filled with delicious sandwiches, soups and bakery goods. Rhonda and Cat got their food before me, and headed outside to eat alfresco under one of the umbrellas. It started to get chilly and drizzly, and we sat there enjoying the atmosphere until we couldn’t take it any longer. We moved inside where it was toasty warm and inviting. Later on, we hit the local thrift shop and Cat found me the perfect black Isotoner beret for $2! It has a touch of stretch and fits me like beautifully. I wore it the entire time since the weather was getting colder. I love it! We also hit this really neat shop called Footloose, housed in an 1800’s colonial. Footloose is a vintage clothing thrift shop run by a really interesting woman. I had to include a photo of her because she was just so friendly and kind to us. She is one of those kinds of women I’d like to be like in 10 years. She has her own thing going, and she is incredibly artsy and smart. Very cool lady.

Granville is really a pleasant little town with to die for colonial and Victorian homes set on picturesque streets. The town is quaint and charming and artsty. You really must visit if you are in central Ohio…you won’t regret it!

Rhonda planned our lodging and found a great hotel for a bargain price right on site of the Simple Goods show. Simple Goods is the premiere Primitive Folk Art show. Rhonda and Cat are crazy for primitives. I like them, but I’m not crazy for them like they are. What drew me to this trip was spending time with my two friends. That was time well spent.

On Friday night, we got back from Granville around 6 or 7 pm and spent the rest of the evening in our hotel room dabbling with a new art form-mixed media art. I brought a small suitcase full of art supplies so we could all do a group project. We spent hours on it and laughed and joked and had pizza while we worked on our little canvas’. I’m telling you we were laughing so hard, I’m amazed someone didn’t knock on our door and ask us to be quiet. We did a project by Kelly Rae Roberts from a back issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. The project involved a sort of self portrait combined with our personal affirmations. I included photos of each of our finished pieces. We all learned something new and had a great time. There is really nothing more fun than doing an activity with friends, whether it be sewing or painting or some other way of making art.

Saturday we got up early, ate rubbery hardboiled eggs in the Comfort Inn breakfast room and got out early to stand in line for the show. We got in and spent a good 3 hours walking around, meeting people, browsing and buying. We headed home that evening and I’m now back home where I belong. Now I’m all dreamy about someday moving to Granville. Wonder if the hubby will go for it? Well, if I turn up MIA, they just might find me in charming old colonial on a perfect little street in central Ohio.

5 thoughts on “Had a GRANVILLE time in Ohio!”

  1. sounds like such a wonderful time!! i live about an hour and a half from granville. i have been to a few of the shops there. but definitely am going to have to check out footloose. i love the pic of you, that beret is quite beautiful!! 🙂
    love the projects that you all did.
    your pics of the shop are something she ( the owner) may really want for advertising. you did an awesome job!!!


  2. Oh,WOW, WOW, WOW! I just went INSANE looking at all the great photos of your trip! Em, how DO you find all these cool places? (My fave shot is the beautiful lady in the mirror – the one taking a picture! Smile!) I also love your affirmation portraits! I think that’s an awesome art project! I can’t tell you how glad I am that you had such a good time! YOU DESERVE IT!


  3. So intrigued by Granville. Thinking about making it a weekend destination for my husband and little girl. She’s only 4 months though so I’m wondering if I can find accommodations right in Granville that will work. And hope there is enough to see/eat/do to keep my hubby entertained. I know I would love it based on your post above. Any thoughts or tips for me on a weekend in Granville? Thanks!


    1. Hi Tammy….Granville is very charming….but it is a relatively small town and I’m not sure your husband would have much to do there….I believe there are accomodations nearby, but not in the little town….It’s just full of charm, but there’s not much to do there for more than a weekend.


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