Things I love Wednesday…

Over the last week I’ve been reminded of things I really love, and I’ve discovered some new things. May I share them with you?

Fletcher, as you all may know, is my favorite cat. I love him so much more when he exhibits his true sense of humor.

This hat starts awaking the knitting bug in me…

I love the dress next to the aqua wallpaper. It reminds me of Tiffany box blue. Wouldn’t this wallpaper be lovely in an attic bedroom? What I wouldn’t give for a room like that!

This knitted-looking basket texture seriously sets my heart skipping a beat. I wish I could find thick yarn just like it. I would knit up all kinds of things that looked like these baskets.

Fancy, colorful, textural yarns are catching my eye these days. Doesn’t this just beg you to reach out and touch it?

My absolute favorite apple, now in season-the Honeycrisp. Delicious, perfect and overpriced. Worth every bite.

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