My Marie Antoinette

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Marie Antoinette Soiree given by Cupid’s Charm . This little event celebrates her birthday which is November 2nd. In her honor, participants are supposed to post some art or photos of things which remind us of Marie. I originally did a quick drawing of Marie, which I was quite happy with, but my intention was to use the drawing to create a mixed media canvas that combined paint, words and collage papers.

So, here goes….my drawing and my finished composition. By the way, this is my first mixed media attempt and I think I might be doing more! It’s quite addictive! You can click on each picture to enlarge it to see the detail.
A little about the painting, I used a leaf stamp to create a feather in her hair. I also subtly put the raven on the top of her head to represent death. The quote is by Marie herself.
Let them eat cake!

10 thoughts on “My Marie Antoinette”

  1. Well we must proceed then in honour of marie Antoinette. Let us eat cake in honour of her birthday. We have a coffee shop in town called Murchies and they have a wonderful cake there called marie Antoinette. It is just beautiful , cream and raspberries and marzipan . Truly delightful. I love your marie Emily . Donna


  2. I love your Marie Antoinette piece! It’s adorable, and I like the annoyed expression on her face (hopefully I’m reading that right!). It’s very good for your first mixed media work!


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