A dozen life goals I am striving for…

I’ve been overwhelmed with an urge for simplicity, to pare down and focus on the things that are really important. I wish my life wasn’t full of bull sh__tty distractions that keep me from doing the things my heart is yearning to do-create. I’m being driving by an art urge. There are some things in my life that are preventing me from taking a seat at my sewing table and letting my creativity flow. You know what I think is one of the things in my life that is robbing me of focus? I believe it’s clutter. My house isn’t insanely cluttered, but I am still shuffling and sorting through the possessions my mother in law owned that we now have and are debating on what to do with. I do have more things than I need. I want to purge my possessions. From now on, I’m only going to keep and maintain things in my home and closet that I truly love. Objects that make my heart happy are the only things which will endure under my roof. If they don’t make the grade, they will make the donation bag. Realistically, I don’t want to waste time in my life on things that I don’t care for. I believe I’m placing the blame for my inability to focus on clutter because as I sit and and try to create, it’s difficult to ignore the chaos around me. The thought of the garage so loaded, I can’t get 1 car in it bothers me. What’s important here? The cars should be in the garage, out of the winter elements, but instead, I have a bunch of CRAP loaded up in my garage that I don’t want. It consumes my thoughts. My husband is the bottleneck in my dilemma. If it were up to me, all this excess would have been long gone a long time ago. He hates to part with things.

For the future, I have adopted a new philosophy about objects and clothing. This new domestic ideology should ultimately, help me to save money. I will purchase less because I want less. An item will have to really knock my socks off to come home and live with me and take up my precious home space. I seriously have to ask myself “Do you really need it?” Can I live without this? ( of course I can.) Will this item have a positive affect on me or my life?

This new outlook leads me to these 12 life goals I’d like to adopt. These are entirely personal, and my husband isn’t even aware of them. I feel it’s best to keep these announcements to myself, so if I’m not successful, lest I hear “I knew you couldn’t do it!”

1. Spend less, much less.

2. Purge unwanted possessions and actually want less.

3. De-clutter my living space, garage and basement.

4. Drive less, stay home, save gas.

5. Walk the dog on a daily basis (this exercises me more than Lilly)

6. Cook more interesting meals for my family and eat healthier.

7. Write every day

8. Read, read, read.

9. Make art on a weekly basis.

10. Use up my fabrics and craft supplies before I buy more. By doing this, I purge excessive stash and spend less cash.

11. Live simpler with less. What is important is family, spirituality, friends, books, writing (blog), making art, comfort and contentment

12. Take control of my finances and be more responsible about money.

I once heard about these monks (I think they were Tibetan, but I can’t say for sure) who set fire to their dwellings every 7 years or so to rid themselves of their possessions. I believe this was to enable them to reduce their reliance on material things and give them the ability to begin anew, with nothing. Somehow this made them feel more at one with God, (at least that’s how I think they would feel.) This ritual kept things simple and sparce. It enabled them to have new beginnings without a lot of baggage. Sometimes I look around my basement or garage and think back to those monks. It makes me wish I had a match. I would almost welcome the chance to start over with the help of one little spark. (I would, however, not do this, I’m not crazy, nor am I an arsonist, but the Zen thing is very compelling to think about.) When I get this thought, I ask myself what would I do if I lost all my worldly stuff? If, afterwards, I got a new nest, how would I feather it? The possibility of it is secretly delicious to me. I do think I would be a bit of a minimalist. After all, I’ve already learned my lesson.

Ahh…so much for the easy way out.

4 thoughts on “A dozen life goals I am striving for…”

  1. I totally agree with this philosophy and have tried to so so. Your post was very interesting. Its hard to put into practice but I think clutter makes you disorganised and lazy. I find it very hard not to shop – I love it but I dont need anything. I now am doing what you are doing. Cooking from scratch, sewing, making things. Its so much more fun and I have discovered some talents I did not know existed. Well done to you and let us know how you go!!


  2. Take small steps, Em! And you CAN do it! I think it’s a whole new mindset we seem to get at some point in our lives – mine didn’t happen till about 2 years ago – where we realize how much we could benefit by simplifying our lives. I’m pretty certain I couldn’t actually set fire to my possessions, but I believe I COULD turn and walk away from about 75% of them and never look back. I very well may be tested in that when I move. Part of me ACHES to let go of a lot. I think YOU can DO it, Em. I think we BOTH can!


  3. Em, Since we’ve remodled the kitchen we’ve been trying to get rid of lots of STUFF. When we had to box up the kitchen stuff, I realized that I really didn’t need 2 springform pans and a third shaped like a heart. I now have 1 of most things and when I open the cupboards and drawers they are like something out of a magazine. It brings me such peace.
    Now if I could just do the same thing with my closet. It’s getting better, but still has a long way to go.
    My husband also got a flea market booth to help us rid ourselves of many of our collections and extra stuff that we just couldn’t bear to TOSS….it’s definitely a process.
    What are the things that are the hardest for you to get rid of?


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