Something new for my kitchen…

Friday, on a whim, I stopped at IKEA and headed to my very favorite department, the “AS IS” room. I’m an absolute sucker for bargains, and if I find something cheap enough, I can always make it work, lol. I found this gorgeous kitchen table marked down from $299 to $179. While I’m standing there deciding and calling my husband asking him if he minds if I get the table, the sales guy comes up to me and whispers, “I’ll give you an extra 20% off if you buy it tonight.” Yeowza! That was just the gentle nudge I needed. “SOLD!” Best thing about it, there was no scratches whatsoever on this table. I’m still looking at it, shaking my head wondering why it was in the scratch and dent department.

In a terribly cold torrential rain storm the loader guy and I slid it in my van and I took it home to live with me. I like it because it doesn’t have a leaf. The table I had before this one sagged in the middle and the goofy legs were always askew and loose. This new table is ‘Pottery Barnish’ and I like that. I’m also leaning toward darker woods because I think they look richer. In lieu of chairs, we use these two very wide black Pottery Barn benches (I also got for a bargain!) and my husband just hates them. (He says they’re unclassy and make our house look like a barn) They work so well, though with kids. I like them, despite his hatred of them. Anyway, this table matches those two benches much better than our blond wood, saggy table.

$143 bucks folks…what a bargain!

5 thoughts on “Something new for my kitchen…”

  1. what a great buy! Don’t you love it when you come across a sale like this. Hubby will come around..(next time in a furniature show room..be sure to show him the 600 + dollar table and 125 dollar a chair section) LOL


  2. OOOOOOOH! Em, I LOVE it! I'll be right over to sit & drink coffee with you, okay? It reminds me of a Waltons kind of table – classier, but still a FAMILY table! And, yeah – maybe your hubby could have a chair of his own at the 'head' of the table! Boy, am I EVER going shopping with you when I get up there! You have a great eye for a bargain! (And did YOU change the comment deal or is that a new Blogger thingy? Cool!)


  3. I LOVE it, I have to get to IKEA soon, we have one in Boston, not to far from me. I also lOVE bargins, I hate to pay full price for anything


  4. I love your new table! I like the benches – I think they’re fun and inviting. Thanks for your compliments on my looks – I wish I could take credit for them, but I guess it’s all in the genes. Good luck with your Marie Antoinette project; I’ll be sure to check out the soiree!


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