The subject of ghosts-do YOU believe?

This guy was killed in a propeller accident a few days before this photo was taken. When the photo was developed, the men verified it was a picture of the guy who had died just days before. Looks like he showed up for the picture regardless of the fact he was dead. Very eerie.

I can’t resist this one, folks. It’s Halloween eve and I have to put this out there. How many of you have seen or have people in your family or have friends who have seen a ghost and have an authentic story to tell? I’m on the fence about this, but to be honest I think I’m about to hop off the picket and into the graveyard and admit I do believe. I’m a big fan of Ghost Hunters and enjoy watching the shows. I’m always hopeful I’ll see something that helps me cement the fact there really are ghosts. I’ve been pretty impressed by some EVP readings I’ve heard on some episodes and also by some other things in the show that point to the possibility of a ghost being present.

Personally, for me, it’s difficult to think there aren’t ghosts. It’s a fact the Catholic church participates in exorcisms, which points to the fact there are demons, so if there are demons, there surely can be other types of paranormal spirits out there wreaking havoc on common people. At least I like to think there are.

Back in 1982, just after my father died, my mother and I had what I would consider a form of contact with my father’s spirit. My mom and I were sitting on the floor of my bedroom going through a box of his possessions. Above the doorway of my closet hung an air freshner in the form of a stained glass butterfly (Remember Sparklers?). My mom and I were on the floor just in front of my closet, under the butterfly. While we going through this box, we suddenly heard a violent tapping noise and we looked up and the butterfly was banging into the moulding of the closet door. There was no breeze to cause this, it was just doing it by itself. It scared us both, but we sat there, heads up watching it. I said to my mom that it must be dad trying to get our attention. If I remember right, I said something to the effect, “We see you dad…we hope you are okay!” It was bizarre. A few days later, the hospice nurse came to our house to finalize papers and pick up her things. We mentioned this incident to her and she seemed very calm about it. She said, from working around dying people, she sees this kind of thing a lot. She believed it was my father signaling us. The one thing I will never forget is when she said, “It’s funny how it was a butterfly. He’s showing you he’s free.” That gave me such peace. I was happy, even though I missed him terribly (and still do).

After that, I never had any other contact with him. Maybe he went right to heaven. But if it was my dad, he succeeded in what he was trying to do-to let my mom and I know he was there and he was okay.

Do any of you have a story to tell? Please tell me below in the comment section of this post.
Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “The subject of ghosts-do YOU believe?”

  1. Wow, what a wonderful story about your dad. I have so many stories to tell. I believe growing up that our house was haunted because I would see spirits all the time and experience moving objects and hear many strange things. I’m not crazy it is really true. Happy Halloween!! Elaine


  2. What a beautiful story. I think it’s the Chinese who believe that butterflies are the souls of loved ones!!!!! I have had many experiences of unexplained occurrances. I am intriqued by the photograph, where did you find it….Happy Halloween…Hugs Chrissy x


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