Brocante in Connecticut

Here’s a vintage santa from the 1940’s that I found in a booth right at the very end of the market. The poor guy looks like he’s been through the war. I was so taken with him, I had to ask the lady, “How much for that Santa?” She was hoping to rid herself of him, so she says, “5 bucks!” I say, “Sold!” I stuffed him in my appropriately colored red sling bag and start thinking about how cute he’ll look by my Christmas tree this year. He needs some TLC, however. His suit is a bit tattered and his face needs a good washing, as you can see. He kind of reminds me of the Travelocity knome.

My daughter shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry…
Nope, she didn’t find it here….

Or here….
This doll is now mine….

Or here….

Aren’t these saucers just lovely?

Rebecca searching for treasures…

Pink glass-how beautiful!

This is turkey art!

I can’t resist shabby set ups!

Is this how Rachel Ashwell finds things?

The red raggedy purse and assorted aprons would be mine…

I loved this photo and was contemplating purchasing it. But didn’t.

I love the blue dress and the blue glassware together…

I had fun capturing myself in mirrors…

Humor me here…

very cool!
If I were a Texan I might have considered taking this biggun’ home on the plane.

I absolutely couldn’t resist these saucers.

I didn’t even think of buying this reading angel, but now that I see the photo, I wish I had.

Posing in the pumpkin patch with a prop
How fun is this? It came from a vintage drive in….remember those playgrounds where the kids played during the movie?

A bit over a week ago, Rebecca, Caroline and I sleepily piled in Rebecca’s Pathfinder and headed for an hour long drive to Connecticut to shop the Pink Elephant Flea Market in New Milford. It was so beautiful! The ride up was absolutely scenic -rolling hillsides of beautiul fall foilage and bright sunshine. I was so in the mood for this flea market. After being in NYC with the crowds and dirty air, going to Connecticut was refreshing and spacious and it felt good just to take in the fresh air. The weather was picture perfect, probably upper 60’s with bright sunshine. It couldn’t have been finer!

This time, I took the photos because I was trying to capture the things I love to look at when I browse flea markets. I really believe you can spend a walletful of money at souvineer shops but nothing makes a better, true souvineer than flea market finds in the city or town you are visiting. This is the real stuff used by the locals. I really feel the treasures to behold are the ones you find in places like this.

See something you’d like to have?

7 thoughts on “Brocante in Connecticut”

  1. I have crocheted baby bib with B on it that matches the bag you have pictured…same pattern apparently was used! what fun to go to these markets! Love your Santa…yes..he does resemble the travelocity traveler! LOL


  2. You got GREAT stuff! I would have BOUGHT that reading angel AND the kind of shabby-wonderful light blue wood table! It makes me think of my precious former mother in law making tortillas on a table like that! Those 2 things would have HAD to come home with me!


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