More scenes from NYC…

Brooklyn Bridge

A tug boat goes under the Brooklyn Bridge

This church is just across the street from where the World Trade Center stood. Miraculously, nothing was harmed in the grave yard or on the church except one lone sycamore tree that stood. It was as if God has his hand over it and kept it safe.

Notice the date this woman died-September 11th, 1796

Very old tombstones from the 1700’s manage to barely stay standing in spots.

As promised, I am putting up more photos from our trip to NYC. The first photos are from onr of Martha Stewart’s favorite stores-M&J Trimmings. This store is a veritable dreamland of ribbons, trims, beads and buttons. There’s so much stuff to choose from. We didn’t buy anything because it’s a bit overwhelming to be in there. Also, we didn’t come in with anything specific to buy, we just stopped in to browse. It was pretty, though! (and pricey!)

One of my favorite photos taken by my daughter is the ‘Tombstone Sparrow’. She photographed this cute little guy in the graveyard of the church right across the street from Ground Zero. There are some other photos of the old tombstones and the church in the distance. This chuch is so old, George Washington worshipped here. They still have his pew sectioned off. Inside the church are displays of memorials left by people to honor the dead from the 9/11 tragedy.

3 thoughts on “More scenes from NYC…”

  1. Wonderful and interesting photos. Its many years since I visited new York and I love the city ( I live in Australia). All those trimmings – I would have been in heaven. Thanks for sharing. Loved your daughter’s photo too – she has an eye for photography too.


  2. Thanks for sharing…i love to visit old graveyards and read the headstones.Very interesting! And it makes you wonder about their lives way back then..
    luv Ann.xx


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