OMG! Lookie this!

See that! Up there^!!

That’s my banner in the new issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING! My banner was one of just a few that made it to the “Banners We Love” section of the magazine!
I’m so excited and honored.

If you are a new visitor to my blog, welcome! There’s many new things in store for this blog…I have some ideas for some new, fun things to write about. Please check back often!

Thank you Artful Blogging Magazine for this honor. I’m humbled-truly I am.

5 thoughts on “OMG! Lookie this!”

  1. How exciting is that. And yes, it is a great blog header – it really stands out! Congratulations for getting published!!! And recognised too!


  2. I have one of their magazines..actually more like a soft cover book…I love it! congratulations!..i am not surprised though..it is a neat banner!


  3. Congrat’s to you!!! I am glad you finally got to see your banner in the magazine! Thank you for stopping by my blog to leave your sweet comment on my Artful Blogging post too! Have a wonderful evening ~ xoxo Joy


  4. Congratulations! I noticed your banner right away, right above mine! Isn’t that funny? Your banner is lovely and eyecatching – I love all the red.


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