A most awesome rummage sale report

I got 13 hanks of hand dyed wool yarn from Uraguay for $8!

I couldn’t resist this white cattagy cabinet for $15…

The carload of loot, both Rhonda and I scored.

My bamboo placemats…

A Mexican woven mat with a doggie motif! It’s mine!

Of course, I couldn’t come home without some lovely wicker baskets…notice one is a suitcase! I also found one Longaberger, too!
I dug through piles of scarves to find these 3 beauties.
I scored these bamboo placemats and this contemporary metal paper towel holder.
I couldn’t resist this red, gingham dress. I’m going to hang it in my sewing studio simply for inspiration.

An artful heap of hangers.
This owl spoke to me and said, “Take me home, hoo hoo!” and I did, along with some knitting needles for my collection.
Some of the items I brought home, and exercise journal and miscellaneous lace trims
I really wanted this 3′ tall rabbit chef, but I couldn’t get myself to buy it for $12!
Rhonda scored this little yellow ware bowl for .50!

How about orange?
My pillow
Time captured
A box of shoe stretchers artfully captured.

Some very nice decorative items. I heart that rabbit chef.
Miscellaneous goodies in the Maxwell St. tent
Table of candlesticks
Rummage sale trinket boxes…

Loads of pillows…I found a very nice one with a cat on it….it was to be mine!

Rummage Lunch-church chilli with oyster crackers are a church sale staple.
The check tent where you can check your bags and go back in for more!
Boxes of knitting needles…

A lone Featherweight. Some jerk stole the foot pedal a few hours after the sale opened, rendering this unsaleable.

Baskets on the lawn (baskets are one of my weakness’)
Laces galore….
Boxes of vintage buttons…
Boxes of playing cards, mostly shuffled together.

This morning, my friend Rhonda and I headed out at 5:30am to the world’s best rummage sale. It was held at a church in Winnetka, Il, an affluent town just north of Chicago. I’ve been going to this annual sale for over 15 years now, and the sale is in it’s 83rd year! The sale day is always the first Thursday in October, thursday being the maid’s day off (shows you about the neighborhood, lol).
Here are some photos of our day. Hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A most awesome rummage sale report”

  1. Holy Cow, Em! What a sale…and you were able to walk away with some very cool stuff. Vintage button packs for $1…really??? Hmmmm…oh, yeah…I think I just remembered something I need to be doing next year in Winnetka on the first Thursday of October 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all of this…good job!



  2. OMG! What an awesome rummage sale!!!! Why don’t I ever find ones like that?!
    My hubby is off going to garage sales today while I slog through yet another work day.


  3. Oooooooo! Just WAIT till NEXT year's sale! I am going with you, okay? Of course you will HAVE to pull me away from the buttons and FIGHT me for the baskets. LOL! I've always claimed to be a bonafied basket case 'cause I've collected them since 1968 – 40 years! And I love buttons as much as baskets. That looks like a GREAT place to spend a lot of time & MONEY!


  4. That is some sale! WOW! I would have been drooling iver the box of playing cards, the pillows and the knitting needles. Oh and I think I saw one of those quilted dresser boxes I covet in the pile back there! I’m coming next year!!! lol

    You found great stuff. 🙂


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