My sewing ‘studio’

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File drawer yarn stash #1

Yarn stash #2

Yarn stash #3

My view from the loft looking down…

At the bottom of the stairs, Ollie sits by the front door watching birds or…whatever.

The loft is 9′ X 22′; and this is the cleaned up, empty side. It does need something…

My rubbermaid organizer that hold the little things, organized with labeled drawers…(this was big for me…labelling!) I have to admit, it does make it really easy to find things!

My far corner studio. Just outside of my guest bedroom…Perfect for when girlfriends gather. They can roll out of bed, pull up a chair and start creating something right along side me.

My sewing table sans sewing machine…it’s downstairs

My little cupboard full of all the little things a doll maker needs, kept neatly behind closed doors.

My bookcases turned fabric holder. I moved the shelves down to accomodate the height of the bolts.
This tall cubbie cabinet is from IKEA. I got it in the scratch and dent dept. because it has a small scratch on the side where you can’t see it. I got it for a song….la la lala.

These two bins hold my DMC floss and my wool for applique.

This is the view from the living room when you are by the front door and look up…see, no mess!

A cat or two has been known to walk precariously across the rail….it gives me the shivers just thinking about it-I’m afraid of heights.

So, where do you think I should put this? I just brought it home from the rummage sale-it was absolutely irresistable all cottage-y.

Last week, I started cleaning my loft. It soars above my living room and is one of the prettiest places in my house. I never really had it nice and clean for any length of time, and a few days ago I decided enough is enough. I can’t have a messy loft-it’s got to look good when folks stop in and look up. I’m really happy with it.
I also am including pictures of my yarn stash…I got even more from the rummage sale yesterday. I honestly don’t know where the heck I’m going to put it!

3 thoughts on “My sewing ‘studio’”

  1. Wow! It looks AWESOME, Em! Everything is so nice & organized! (I'm in love with your kitty-people, by the way!) What a cool place for a studio. Can't even SEE it really from below, yet everything is so accessible! Great job! And that new cupboard is PRETTY!


  2. This is a first time that I’m able to see your studio look this great! Keep it up Em and all those ideas will just flow!

    The cabinet needs to go in your bathroom on one of those stark walls. Right above the toilet would work!


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