45 before 48

Doobleh-vay and Simple Lovely blogs have devised a spin off of the original ‘Bucket List’. They have an idea for a list that’s more doable by the nearest milestone birthday, rather than having to get larger, more difficult things done before we die, which is the premise of the Bucket List. Their list is based on simple things, small things, and meaningful things. I am only 45, but I didn’t want to wait till age 50 to accomplish these things. Instead, I’ve given myself till age 48 to meet these life goals. I rounded the number to 45, just because that’s the age I am when I created this list.

Here are 45 things I’d like to accomplish by age 48:

1. I’d like to learn how to knit expertly, and especially learn how to read knitting patterns.
2. I’d like to have completed my college courses in education so I can become an art teacher.
3. I’d like to be 65lbs thinner
4. I hope to be regular at exercising on a daily basis
5. I want to adopt the eating habits of a ‘French Woman’
6. Writing for a magazine
7. Help my last two children grow into responsible, good teenagers.
8. Own an Electra ‘Townie’ bike and use it to enhance my exercise plan
9. Have an herb garden
10. Own 1/2 the possessions I do now and live a simpler and more meanngful life.
11. Learn how to cook healthier, comfort food and eat out less.

12. Be richer of spirit
13. Take art classe and attend art seminars
14. Be a mom my kids adore even more than now
15. Have a better sense of style
15. Brave a shorter, sassier hairstyle
16. Be driving a hybrid car
17. Have shapely, toned upper arms
18. Have no credit card debt
19. Be creating mixed media art in my own style
20. Have a thought out financial plan that I follow
21. Spend considerably less and be choosier about the purchases I make
22. Finally learn Chicago’s layout just from having explored the city on a regular basis
23. Still be going to monthly girlfriend gatherings with Cindy.
24. Have hardwood flooring throughout my house
25. Use up all the craft stuff and fabric I already have before I attempt to purchase more.
26. Read 1 novel a week
27. Design and create more folk art quilts
28. Have completely rejected ‘celebrityism’ and materialism.
29. Get back into the Christmas spirit and give more to those who have less than myself.
30. Learn HTML
31. Get my house clean and organized
32. Make my catalog investment pay for itself.
33. Find something meaningful and artistic to do with my button collection (I have thousands!)
34. Finally understand politics
35. Be a wife my husband still loves
36. Be the kind of friend my girlfriends don’t want to lose
37. Be able to still turn heads, even though I’ll be 48
38. To have a mamogram that still reads ‘clear’
39. To still be going to NYC with girlfriends and Caroline
40. Be more articulate when I talk
41. See the Cubs win a World Series
42. Nag less, and figure out how to get what I want with a kind word
43. To care more
44. To finally not have self-conscious feelings.
45. To still feel God and know He’s there-Even more than I do now.

4 thoughts on “45 before 48”

  1. I like your list! Some of the things you listed, you have certainly already accomplished! You just aren't giving yourself credit, sweet girl! Like you, I have a to-do list (only I started mine long, long ago & it's a just-for-my-eyes kinda list) but I like looking at it now & then to see how far I've come toward fulfilling it, and how many things I either need to rethink or get busy DOING. You always post such thought-provoking ideas, Em! Thank you for making your readers self-examine! It's a GOOD thing!


  2. I’m so glad you joined in!
    i love this one…

    “I’d like to have completed my college courses in education so I can become an art teacher.”

    p.s. i’ve been reading the artist’s way too…how do you like it?



  3. Hi! You recently left a comment on my blog (whatifimamermaid.wordpress.com), so I wanted to come check out your blog. I love your list – a lot of those items are things I’d like to accomplish myself. I love your blog too – I can totally relate to the entry about when you were sick and no one wanted to help out around the house! I definitely will add a link from mine to yours. Have a lovely evening!


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