Sweating my AZZ off-(I hope!)

This brunette is thin. Why’s she workin’ so hard? This is now my machine of choice, and for the record, I’m blond and big (ger than her!).

Over the last week or so, I’ve started getting really pissed. I’m sick of the metabolism I was born with. What the heck? The scale is not going down, people. In fact, when I went to the gym yesterday, they almost had to call an ambulance for me because I nearly had a heart attack when I stepped on the scale. The numbers went up. OMFG.

So. Battle plan is now in force. I’m not going to bitch about it anymore-I’m going to take action. I realize that calories in/calories out is the formula for weightloss in a nutshell, and admittedly, I haven’t been paying too much attention to it. I’ve been eating too many carbs-particularily bread. This is all going to stop. I’ve decided to cut my eating considerably and eat much more healthy than I already am. That, paired with going to the gym much more often than I have been should do it. If not, I’m going to collapse in a corner and suck my thumb, inconsolably.

I can’t afford a personal trainer, but I do need encouragement. I’m hoping that if I post my elliptical time you’ll all write me a comment of encouragement to help keep me going. This exercise thing is not my favorite thing to do, by a long shot, and I find myself trying to talk myself into going, instead of just doing it. I’m am such a pain in my big, fat, azz.

This morning, armed with my IPod Nano and a water bottle, I mounted the elliptical and kept going for a whole 35 minutes. And, I have to admit, I could have gone longer, but I decided not to push it. After all, I have to go back tomorrow. I am so encouraged by my ability to go this long. You don’t understand, but, back in December, the elliptical was my nemesis. I just couldn’t do it. It ripped the crap out of my thigh muscles and I always felt defeated by it. I’d glare with envy at people I’d see who were up there pumping away for wayyyy too long. I hated those folks. But one day, I decided to hell with it, this thing wasn’t going to intimidate me any longer. I was going to own it. And I have.

I’m working my muscles with the machines and I am starting to see a real difference in my arms. I’ve also been working my leg/thigh muscles over the last six months by using the bike at the gym and the leg machines. I can do this elliptical thing now without pain to my muscles and that is a feat in itself. This could also explain my slight weight gain. If I understand it right, muscles weigh more than fat, so I am getting heavier but leaner. (That still doesn’t work for me. This number’s gotta go.)

Will keep you all posted if I have any remarkable body changes. I know you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats, and will be checking my blog daily for updates. Right. This girl’s no fool. But, if you would check on B&B once and a while and give me your typed thumbs up, I’d be forever grateful.

By the way, Even Flow is a GREAT song to do the elliptical to. There is nothing better than closing my eyes and rockin’ to the beat of a good song while I conquer my nemesis and my fat. It is really enjoyable. There’s nothing like endorphins paired with oxygen and Pearl Jam.

4 thoughts on “Sweating my AZZ off-(I hope!)”

  1. You may find this funny considering my size. But the truth is, I was a certified aerobics instructor (I taught dance and step aerobics at Bally’s for several years before my legs collapsed – not from exercise.) Before being certified, I also exercised for 8 years EVERY DAY. The first thing we learned as students AND as instructors is this: MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT. PERIOD. It takes a good six to twelve WEEKS before you will see your weight begin to really drop. What you WILL see, Em, is your body becoming trimmer and firmer. You may drop 2 sizes long before you drop 2 pounds. HANG IN THERE! You can DO it. And here are a couple of tips: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! and at most meals have carbs AND protein (for instance, maybe 8 oz. of low fat yogurt and 6unsalted almonds or 4 whole wheat crackers and an oz. of cheese. If you CAN, eat 5-6 small meals daily. I still eat as sensibly as I can, I just cannot exercise as much or as hard as I used to. But things become a habit – and exercise will too. I’ll say it again – YOU CAN DO IT! I’m betting on you to succeed!


  2. You go girl, you can do it. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I may also be motivated by your workouts. I need to lose 40LBS but, can’t or won’t get my butt in gear to even walk. I always find an excuse or a reason to do something else. Let us know how its going, and I may just follow in your footsteps.
    Good luck


  3. you are building muscle girl! IT took me all summer to lose 12 lbs but you know what , i lost like four sizes!! Keep it up, it will come off.


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