Some Flea Market Treasures

I have an outdoor flea market about 2 minutes from my house, and I never go there. I don’t know why, but I just never do-maybe it has something to do with having a houseful of my mother-in-laws stuff to sift though, or it could just be that I didn’t have the urge to shop for treasures. Recently, my step dad told me he goes to this flea market every Sunday and suddenly I found myself piping up saying, “Ooh, pick me up and I’ll go with you!” Huh? Yep, that’s what I said, and yesterday was the second week in a row I’ve gone. It’s actually really great! It’s not too big that it’s overwhelming and not so small that it doesn’t make it worth going. Maybe next Sunday, I’ll snap some photos of it when I go so you all can see it.

Here’s a few of the items I scored. I am very selective and I don’t buy all kinds of junk. I’m always eyeing for the perfect item that makes it worth going.

A week ago Sunday I scored the brand new, still wrapped in plastic The Great American Pin Up book. This is absolutely fantastic! I have been collecting photos online by many of these pinup artists, and this book outlines all of them and most of each artist’s work in full color. Its an absolute treat to page through. That book cost me $20, and the guy selling it wouldn’t be haggled with, so I snatched it anyway without a discount. I also found, lying in a pile of used clothes, a genuine, (not a knockoff) Kate Spade wool plaid purse. It was in pretty good shape, but it had a few moth holes, but for $4, who cares? It’s a KATE SPADE!

Yesterday, I found two books, the Sewing Vintage Stlye book by Country Living ($2) and Stitch and Bitch Nation ($1) Who can beat that?

Being someone who goes weak in the knees at the sight of good quality wicker, I just had to have this foot rest that came complete with cushion. The woman saw me eyeing it, and I asked how much? She said $20, but you can have it for $18! Hello? I’ll take it!

Now my cats have a classy place to snooze and I have a new addition of wicker to add to my home.

I wonder what treasures await me next week?

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