Amy Butler, Betty Shopper, Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic

I’m SEW in the mood!

I have been itching to begin this purse, just in time for my girlfriend getaway to New Orleans on 9/4. I’m inspired by the shabby chic knitting bag Rachel Ashwell mentions in her first book, Shabby Chic. It’s absolutely so feminine, I can’t help but want something similar for my trip. I plan on using a Shabby Chic curtain panel that I purchased a year or so ago with the exact intention of using it as fabric for a purse.

This is an idea for you gals. If you like Shabby Chic fabric and can’t afford the real thing off the bolt, settle for the same stuff already made into cotton curtain panels. You can find the panels at your local Target store. The panels are like $24.99 (cheaper if you catch a sale.) and you get quite a bit of fabric in one panel.

This Amy Butler pattern calls for something I’ve never sewn with. It’s called ‘Timtex’. Basically, it’s a thin stiff foam stabilizer that goes inside the lining. I’ll let you know how it goes with this strange, new ingredient. If all goes well, I should look very stylish walking around the French Quarter with my new, handmade Betty Shopper. I think I will have to rename it the Emily Shopper, don’t you agree?

Elliptical update for today- 30 Minutes (cut myself short 5 minutes-had to go get my daughter at school! ) I’m eating very well, too. (I don’t feel hungry…thank you Jesus!)

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