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I got a triple tag from Kai and here’s what I need to answer:

1.) 6 life motto words

2.) 7 facts about me

3.) 7 questions about me

My life motto words

Do what makes your heart happy

7 facts about me

1. I am very selfish about my time-I like to be alone a lot and tend to make sure I am able to get the things I want to have done accomplished.

2. Weird one. I am phobic of fingerprints. In fact, I even hate when I notice someones actual fingerprints on their fingers. I won’t eat a piece of chocolate or other food if I can see a finger smudge or worse, a print on the surface of whatever it is I’m about to eat. Once, while at a restaurant, when the waitress was serving our meal, I caught glimpse of a thumbprint on the plate and it turned my stomach and I had a difficult time getting the food down. Window fingerprint smudges-{{{{SHUDDER}}}

3. Just last Saturday, I got 2 piercings somewhere on my body–I’ll never tell! (These are the only two I will get, and I have not one tattoo…and never will!)

4. I have times where I just need quiet. I can’t tolerate two sounds at once, for example, if the two TV’s are on different stations, and I can hear both, it drives me nuts.

5. Two of the things I don’t think I could live without are fresh bread and coffee.

6. I speak with funny accents to my kids when I’m goofing around with them. (They’re learning to speak back to me the same way.) My husband hates those accents.

7. I’m ready for a new job-This time I want one away from the house. Just so I can breathe.


4 People I email regularly-Cindy, Laura, Kim, My 8th grade graduating class.
4 movies I’d watch again: Dirty Dancing, Robin Hood Prince of Theives, Meet the Fockers, The Breakup
Places I’ve Lived: Chicago, Tinley Park, IL
Places I’ve been: Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Jamaica, New York City, California (from the top to the bottom) New Mexico, Colorado, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine, Washington DC, Minnesota, Canada, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Orleans, Pennsylavania, Houston, Utah, Arizona, and many more places
Places I’d rather be living: Clearwater, Florida or a little cottage by the sea somewhere off New England. Here at home? A big vintage home in LaGrange, IL.

People I’d like to tag: Tascha, Sheila, Tina

4 thoughts on “Tagged by Kai”

  1. I do the funny accent thing too with my cats 🙂

    Thanks for the tag 🙂
    What are the 7 questions I am supposed to answer?


  2. Woooohoooo! I was afraid my last email scared you off! LOL! Loved reading your tag answers! You KNOW I think you rock! I see you are a water person – I’m a mountain person. (Or maybe just an ICEBERG person!) You’ve been SO many cool places! I’m not sure I could ever have left the New England area!


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