Agony…well, not exactly

These are not my tootsies!

As I type this, I’m sitting here with my left foot soaking in hot salt water…Last Saturday, my two girlfriends took me out to celebrate my birthday by treating me to a pedicure and lunch. As all three of us sat there sitting on the plush, pedicure thrones, chatting and laughing, in one seconds time, my fun came to a screetching halt. The girl working on me got rough and overanxious using the razor callous remover and pushed down waaay too hard. She not only took off every centimeter of callous, but one or two layers of my fresh skin. I immediately felt that horrific jolt of pain and knew what she had done. It felt so gross-like I was getting skinned alive! DAMN, did it hurt, and still hurts today-5 days later. I sat there bleeding all over the towel, other customers watching and in a lot of pain. The owner and the culprit tended to my agonizing razor abrasion. To top it off and optimize my pain, the woman in charge poured something over my foot that looked and felt like iodine and almost caused me to scream out in pain. It felt like she put my foot on hot coals….omg-not good.

This is probably my 20th pedicure, and I’ve never had a bad experience-maybe a crappy job, but never have I gotten hurt in the process. It’s funny how you can have hundreds of positive experiences, but if you have just one bad one, it mars you for life. I’m thinking now, I don’t want another pedicure for a long time. In fact, just today while at Target, I bought my own razor callous remover and a pumice stone. I’m going to go very gentle on my feet.

I sit here tonight with a throbbing foot. It’s healing, but it hurts like crazy. I’ve been soaking it in hot sea salt water to keep it from getting infected, but it just won’t stop hurting. I’m so pissed at that nail place, and I probably won’t be going back there. They have a tendency to be a little rough, even with their manicures. The only thing that makes me feel at ease is I saw the girl put a new razor in, so I know it wasn’t used on someone before me, giving me thoughts of staph infections or worse. (Gosh, I’m a worrier as it is. I don’t need this!)

Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. All I can say is, pass on the razor when you get your next pedicure. Let them rub your callouses off with pumice stone. All of a sudden, I’m getting visions of Sweeney Todd. {{{SHUDDER}}}
Onward, (with a limp)

5 thoughts on “Agony…well, not exactly”

  1. My daughter owns a Day Spa, and will not use blades for thet very reason. She uses a gel like product that is applied to the callus and after a few minutes the hard skin rolls off easily. It leaves your feet soft and comfortable. If I can find out the name I will come back and let you know. No more blades..!


  2. Noooooooo more pedicures for me either! I had a similar experience almost 10 YEARS ago, and I DID get a terrible infection. My right foot STILL isn’t ‘normal’. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but keep an eye on that hurt place & if you even THINK it may be infected, FLY to the doctor. Really. You’re WAY too wonderful to have that happen! (P.S. TELL me I didn’t read that you ‘probably won’t be going back there’! Don’t MAKE me go stand you in a corner, Em! NO GOING BACK THERE! PROMISE???)


  3. Hi..me again.
    I hope your foot is beginning to feel better, and starting to heal.
    The product name I wanted to give you is called Callus Eliminator.
    Their website is http://www.prolinc.com
    It works as well as the site shows, and I highly recommend it. I don’t know why all salons don’t use it instead of those lethal blades. Hope this helps.


  4. OH my gosh! That is horrible! I’ve never had a pedicure in my life. I’m too scared of something like that. I do it myself. That is just awful!


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