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Companionship-My newest simple pleasure!

Lily, a girl’s best friend

No, walking the dog does not make me a saint!

I know, I know…people have been doing it since forever-but I haven’t. I’m guilty of being a crappy dog owner. Sure, I love my dogs, and take good care of them, but, I never, ever have habitually or even occasionally walked the dog. Things have changed in the last month, primarily my attitude has changed. I’ve been glued to the TV, watching episodes of The Dog Whisperer. I love this show. To me, the things this guy is teaching makes so much sense. I’ve never known how to get a dog to do cool stuff, much less understand how to actually train a dog to do anything other than pee and poop outside, which, by the way, I’m very successful at. Caeser, the Dog Whisperer, has taught me so much about dogs. Through his shows, I’m actually learning dog psychology and implimenting his techniques on my beagle Lily. His methods seem to be working on her. What he says is 90% of training a dog is training it’s owner how to deal with dogs. We tend to treat canines as if they were human, and that just doesn’t work….we have to treat them like dogs, because, after all, that’s just what they are.

Walking Lily is turning into my newest simple pleasure. It’s so enjoyable to go out on a sunny day and walk with her. She’s a good dog-she doesn’t pull much and she’s well behaved. We walk through the neighborhood and I take in the sights of the houses and the landscaping and Lily takes in the smells. I feel good because I’m getting exercise in addition to my 3 days at Curves. I know walking is doing Lily a world of good, too. She’ll be able to keep her girlish doggie figure longer. It helps her energy level, too. She’s so fagged out when we get home-she barks less at passersby and seems more calm. I think this is because she expells all that energy through her walk that she would otherwise use to try to tear through the window, to get at my neighbor’s dog that’s walking by.

Lily and I are good friends. I feel we are somehow connecting when we take our 45 minute promenades. She probably sees me as someone who brings her joy, and that enables us to bond. I’ve been looking for someone to walk with, and who better than my dog? The fabulous thing about Lily is, I don’t have to listen to her gabbing incessantly, like a human walking buddy might and I get to choose the route. What could be better? If I carry my head high, and tip my nose up, I can inhale the scents of spring flowers emerging, or the smell of fresh, cut grass. It makes me feel alive, gets my blood flowing and causes endorphins to bounce around in my brain. I have to let go and approach life like Lily does-with vitality, simplicity and an eagerness to explore.
If you aren’t a dog walker, I recommend you get off your sofa and fetch that leash by the back door that’s been collecting dust-believe me, you won’t regret it. And if you refuse to get off the couch, at least tune into the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel while you’re sitting there. He’s on Friday nights. Then, you’ll want to take your pup for a stroll.

2 thoughts on “Companionship-My newest simple pleasure!”

  1. Hmmmm … I wouldn’t mind dog-walking at all except it would have to be kitty-walking for ME! Bwahahahaha! I think it’s awesome that you & your darling Lily are spending these nice times together!


  2. Just had to comment.Lily is so cute, but then I may be bias. I love beagles and love them so much I have two. Shazaam and Sarabi and walking them is a challenge when I am on my own. But its sure is wonderful walking with them and watching them with their noses to the ground.
    Hugs Mill


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